There might be a number of reasons why you would want to be rendering a wall. Rendering a wall will change up the look or texture of the wall, as well as brighten it up for a fresh new look.

Although it can be a tiring job, it isn’t impossible. The following is an outline on how to render a brick wall:

1846 Haymes Artisan Collection Finish Website Tile Rendercoat

Tools Needed

  • Disposable gloves - to protect your hands
  • Coveralls & Plastic drop sheets – protect yourself as well as the surrounding areas
  • Eye protection
  • Power mixer – to thoroughly mix the render
  • Lambswool mitt & trowel – applying and smoothing mixture on surface
  • Bucket
  • Brush

3-Step Instructions

1. Mix together the Haymes Designer Finishes Rendercoat, and liberally apply to the intended area with the lambswool mitt.

2. When the initial coat is starting to dry, use the trowel to smooth the surface in circular motions. Ensure the trowel has a wet surface and is clean before use

3. Wait 24 hours and repeat the processes 1 and 2 until the desired look is achieved.

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