Preparing walls for painting is one of the most important steps of a painting project to ensure the best possible finish.

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How To Prepare Walls For Painting

Knowing how to prepare walls for painting will help to prevent things like blistering, cracking and peeling. The right paint prep will help you to achieve a professional-looking paint job. The first part of preparing a room for painting, especially when preparing old walls for painting is to clean all the surfaces and remove any mildew.

How to clean walls before painting and remove mildew:

  • Mix detergent with warm water and apply the mixture with a sponge to the clean surface, followed by a thorough rinsing to get rid of detergent residue. The paint will naturally cling better to a cleaner surface
  • To get rid of mildew, mix 3 parts water to one part bleach and apply to the affected area. Leave the mixture on the surface for 20 minutes and reapply as it dries, then rinse thoroughly with water. Follow up with a mild detergent and water rinse.

Some of the other aspects of how to prep a room for painting include:

  • Preparing a glossy surface by dulling the painted area
  • Preparing old walls for painting such as wooden walls by getting rid of any imperfections like cracks, holes and rough surfaces
  • Wall preparation before painting also includes preparing unpainted surfaces by sanding down surfaces, ensuring they are thoroughly dry (if there is new plaster) and using a primer when necessary
  • Paint prep also includes preparing previously painted surfaces with techniques like scraping, bristle brushing, filling, sanding and using chemical paint removers
  • Preparing wallpapered areas by removing wallpaper if possible or re-glue any loose wallpaper and follow the steps on our painting tips & techniques page

Preparing Interior Walls For Painting

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How To Prepare Exterior Walls For Painting

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