Haymes Woodcare has been making quality paints for timber finishes for over 70 years. The specially formulated range of exterior timber finishes is designed to protect and enhance the natural beauty of a wide range of timber.

If you're looking at painting a deck, don't go past the quality of Haymes Paints.

Learn How to Coat (Paint) a Deck

Below is an instructional video on repainting a deck. This video is for all decking timbers, including new and weathered decks.

This project has intermediate difficulty, requires mild or no rain, and can be completed across 2 days.

By repainting a deck with Haymes paint, you’re providing your timber with:

  • Dirt, fungus and mould resistance
  • UV protection
  • Easy surface to clean

Painting a Deck vs. Staining

Exterior paint and wood stain can be used to protect a new wooden deck, or an existing deck, from weather-related damage and moisture. Deck paint and deck stain finishes vary in terms of applications, appearance, cost, durability and maintenance

View ourQuick Reference Product Guide to select the right product for your project. Then calculate how much product you will need to complete your project.

The example below is based on a deck 6m x 5m:

  1. Calculate your decking area, 6m x 5m = 30m²
  2. Divide 30m² by coverage rate^, (10m²/L) = 3L
  3. You need 2 coats, 2 x 3 = 6L
  4. 6L is required to achieve optimum coverage

*Coverage rate can vary between products and can be found on the can or product data-sheet.

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