When you have a DIY interior or exterior painting project there is a lot to consider - from choosing the right paint colours and paint brushes, to preparing the surfaces. You will also need to calculate the amount of paint required for your project. Haymes Paint makes this simple with their easy to use paint calculator. Our online paint calculator (square meters) tool helps you only buy the amount of paint you need.

Paint Calculator - pastel coloured kitchen

Use Our Paint Calculator

Before you start painting, it is important to have the right amount of paint on hand. Use our online paint calculator (m2) tool before you go to the paint shop to estimate:

  1. The surface areas that need to be painted
  2. The paint’s spreading rate
  3. The number of coats needed

Our paint calculator can provide basic and detailed calculations, so you know how exactly how much paint is required per square metre.

Get Expert Advice

Get professional advice about your paint colours before you start your painting project. Our Colour Stylist Service provides online or at home consultations.