Today’s painting projects are more about colour trends. These days it’s the surface of the paint that’s also important. Matte finish paint can be used inside and outside your home and delivers a toned down, natural beauty. Haymes Paint Artisan Collection offers a wide range of finishes including textured and matte paint. Sometimes known as ‘flat paint’, matte paint is completely non-reflective, making it ideal for surfaces with bumps, holes or scratches.

Matte Painting Finishes - Feature Wall in Artisan Hero Metal Trace Smooth

Matte Painting Tips

Matte paint is ideal for low traffic areas like dining rooms and home offices. Matte painting can bring an understated style and modernity to any space in your home. Because matte acrylic paint can be difficult to clean, it’s not suitable for high traffic areas including bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchens.

Our matte paint polish is formulated with beautiful sophistication and texture. For the best result when painting a wall, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Apply a base coat

Step 2: Use a brush & plastic trowel to apply the matte finish paint for walls

Step 3: Recoat after 6 hours

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, watch the video below on how to apply matte paint:

For a traditional matte finish, use Ultra-Premium Expressions Interior paint.

Matte Finish Paint For Walls

While matte paint is ideal for surface imperfections, it’s important to use the right products when preparing. Haymes New Life Matte Finish has been specifically formulated as a base for interior and exterior matte painting projects. This 100% acrylic base coat is low VOC and provides superior coverage with minimal coats needed.

To get help deciding which matte wall paint colour to choose, book a Colour Consultation today. Our team of experts can give you professional guidance on which palettes and colours will match the functionality, personality and overall aesthetics of your home. Available online or at your home, your colour consultation includes:

  • A colour schedule of the colour palettes chosen for you, specific to your home
  • A5 brush outs of your selected colours & the latest Haymes colour cards, as example paint finishes
  • A 10% off discount voucher for Haymes paint
  • A sample pot voucher

Find Your Local Store

For guidance and advice choosing the right matte white paint, visit your local Haymes store. They can also help you learn about good painting techniques and the best way to prepare the surface of walls, windows and doors.