Create your own prime relaxing nook with our three master bedroom ideas for a calm yet innovative look.

Master Bedroom Ideas Blue Mosaic Master Bedroom Ideas Intrigue Master Bedroom Ideas Sea Moss

Calming Master Suite - Blue Mosaic

Sail away with this nautical look in Haymes Blue Mosaic. Known as the most calming colour in the spectrum, blue represents security, orderliness and tranquillity. 

Rich blues and fresh, white tones create an easy-going, oceanic vibe encouraging you to let go and drift away. Get on board with nautical-inspired décor touches and boating memorabilia, adding to the room’s maritime charm.

Mystic Master Room - Intrigue

Nothing suggests warmth and luxury like comforting black-grey tones. Start your modern master bedroom design with a brush of Haymes Intrigue.

Bring in soft accessories to instantly change the look and create depth and character by adding pale coloured throws, textured cushions and feature furniture.

Vibrant Bedroom - Sea Moss

Breathe new life into your master bedroom with a light green accent wall in Haymes Sea Moss. The most common colour in nature, green represents balance. With a refreshing and revitalising effect, soften this look with cream and tan tones to create the ultimate statement style.

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