If you are looking for local painters, whether they’re local interior painters or local exterior painters, we have a list of preferred local house painters made up of reputable & experienced professionals. Below is a link to our preferred local professional painters list request form so you can find local painters in your area and reasons why you should use our list of local professional painters.

Professional Painter - Painting Door Trim

Haymes Paint is a family run business and has been since 1935. We are passionate about crafting quality products and take pride in conducting our business with respect for the impact on the environment and the reduction of waste & emissions. Here is why you should use a local painter and decorator from our preferred painters’ list:

Why You Should Hire Our Preferred Local Professional Painters

Not all painters have the same experience, professional standards and know-how. You should feel comfortable that the team of local house painters you hire are respectful of your home and possessions. In addition to being reputable and experienced, our preferred local professional painters:

  • Meet our strict preferred painter criteria of professionalism
  • Our preferred local painter and decorators can handle every stage of your painting project (from preparation right through to clean up)
  • Our local interior painters and local exterior painters have the experience and knowledge of working with all our interior and exterior product ranges and are experts at applying Haymes premium quality and Ultra Premium paint

Do you have local painters in my area that are local interior painters AND local exterior painters?

Professional Painters - Haymes Colour Fandeck

It will depend on your area but we do have both local interior painters and local exterior painters on our preferred painters’ list.

How Do I Find Local Painting Contractors Near Me?

You don’t need to spend hours searching online for the best local painters in my area. By simply filling in a few details about your painting project with your suburb, we can match you with our preferred local painters near you. Fill in your details on the preferred painters’ list form and we will match you with available painters in your area. Easy!

Transform Your Home’s Interior And Exterior

Painting the interior and exterior of your home is an easy way to update its look while adding value. If you don’t have the time or know-how for a DIY painting project, our local painters can deliver top quality, professional results. We also have a huge range of both interior and exterior paints - from our Artisan Collection that is designed to add texture and highlight your interiors to our extensive colour range of over 1,000 colours.

Start Exploring Paint Colour Combinations Today

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