Want to freshen up your walls and need interior paint inspiration & advice? Haymes Paint has a huge range of high-quality interior house paints to choose from and we have some fantastic resources to help you choose! Choosing the right colours or colour combinations can be hard with such a great range of colours to choose from - below is a link to our interior wall paint colour library and some handy tools & resources we have put together to help you choose.

Interior House Paint - Living Room Painted in Haymes Colour Refuge

Haymes Paint has been a family run business since 1935. We pride ourselves on crafting quality products and conducting our business with respect for the impact on the environment and the reduction of waste & emissions. Here is how you can discover the best interior paints and how we’ve made it easier for you to choose the best interior colours for your home:

The Best Interior House Paint

Choosing high-quality interior house paint will ensure a high-quality finish. We are passionate about ensuring all our interior wall paints are quality paints. We never take shortcuts with the quality of our products or our service - that’s what makes our paints the best interior paints and why you'll only find us at exclusive paint retailers.

Interior House Paint Tools & Resources

Interior House Paint - Instore Colour Cards

Here are some of our super handy tools and resources we have for you to use to help you choose the right interior wall paint:

Colour Consultations

If you're unsure which interior paint colours will best suit the style of your home & decor, talk to a colour stylist. Our colour consultants can meet with you in person at your home or online to discuss the best interior colours for your home. From this consultation, you'll not only get professional advice but also a 10% off paint discount plus more! Arrange a Color Consultation today.

Visit your Local Store Or Stockist Today

To buy interior paint, visit your local Haymes Paint shop or Independent Stockist to view our range of paint colours and to get expert advice on the best interior paint to use for your home.

Want to Buy Interior House Paint Online?

We suggest visiting a store in person rather than buying interior paint online. This way you will get to see the colours accurately, have expert advice on hand if you need it and you can also purchase sample pots to try out in your home before making the final decision.