There are so many interior decorating ideas, it can be hard to work out which ones will suit your home décor. From soft or bold coloured feature walls to statement lighting and contemporary rugs and artwork. These interior decoration ideas are a good starting point.

Interior Decorating Ideas - Feature Wall in Artisan Real Iron

Interior Home Decorating Ideas

When it comes to simple home interior decorating ideas, you can’t go past a fresh coat of paint. To bring a sense of character and charm to your home, consider painting a feature wall in a navy blue, forest green or red ochre. If you’ve got a favourite piece of art on your wall, pick the dominant colour and use this as a feature wall.

If you’re wanting to add some creativity and individuality to your kitchen, home office or children’s rooms, Haymes Chalkboard paint is a great choice. This low odour, fast drying water-based paint has been formulated to dry to a slightly abrasive finish that improves chalk writing. With a handcrafted finish, your children will love being allowed to write on the walls.

Explore our wide range of interior paint colours. Or learn more about our new premium interior paint range (Haymes Expressions) by watching the video below:

We can help you with interior decorating ideas and modern interior decorating ideas when you book a Colour Consultation today. Our team of experts can give you professional guidance on which palettes and colours will match the functionality, personality and overall aesthetics of your home.

Modern Living Room Décor Ideas

Home décor ideas for the living room can be luxurious and welcoming for your family and friends. As the meeting place in your home, it’s an opportunity to showcase your design style by choosing colour palettes, layers and textures and different furniture layouts.

Home décor ideas for living room also include painting a feature wall with metallic wall paint. Haymes Artisan Collection Metal Trace is a pure metallic paint that captures the essence of a metal look. This hard-wearing low lustre paint delivers a handcrafted low lustre finish that suits contemporary and classic living rooms.

Other interior decorating ideas living room include:

  • Embracing the power of bold hues that deliver a chic retro look
  • Using a neutral white colour palette on the walls and ceiling and adding pops of colour with furnishings and rugs
  • Highlighting woodwork like beams and doors

From tweaking the design of your living room to giving it a total makeover, you can get inspiration from our colour library.