How to Stop Paint from Peeling

If you’ve got cracking, flaking or peeling paint on your walls, ceiling or trim, you’ll be wondering how to stop paint from peeling? Paint peels from surfaces for a few reasons including improper preparation, excessive moisture, paint being applied to dirty walls or the wrong paint being used. One of the first things to know about how to stop paint peeling off walls is that preparation is key. But before you get started, it’s important to find out whether the peeling paint contains lead. If the paint on your walls was applied in the 1970s, there’s a good chance it contains lead. The Australian Government’s Environmental Protection Agency has guidelines on how to deal with this.

How To Stop Paint From Peeling?

How to stop paint from peeling - Haymes Ultra Premium PrepCoat Ultracover

To learn how to stop peeling paint on walls you’ll need to take the time to clean, scrape, sand and prime the wall before painting it. One of the key things to remember when working out “how do you stop paint from peeling?” or “how to prevent paint peeling from walls?” is to use the correct primer and paint. Using the wrong type of primer or paint can result in bonding issues that can result in the paint peeling from the surface. Our extensive range of primers and paints ensures you’ll get the best quality paint and primer for every painting project.

To prepare the surface you’ll need to remove the peeling paint first using the following equipment:

  • Personal protective equipment including safety mask, gloves, goggles and hearing protection if using power tools
  • Plastic drop cloth or tarp
  • Painter’s tape Wire brush or paint scraper
  • Putty knife Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Paint roller and/or brush
  • Primer and paint Paint

Place drop cloths on the floor and cover any furniture. Use painter’s tape to mask trim, skirting boards and around light fittings.

Step 1: Remove the peeling paint with a wire brush or paint scraper.

Step 2: Make any necessary repairs using a patching compound. Allow drying before sanding it smooth.

Step 3: Use a damp sponge to wipe the area clean from dust before drying with a clean, dry sponge or cloth.

Step 4: Apply a primer to the surface. Haymes Paint has a wide range of preparation paints and primers.

Step 5: Paint the walls with Haymes Paint interior colours.

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For more information on how do you stop paint peeling, watch our DIY How-To videos.