If your home has peeling paint on the walls, it can make the entire home feel unloved. Knowing how to repaint a wall is an easy way to bring new life to any room in your home. Haymes Paint specialty paint removal products and extensive range of paint colours help make your DIY painting projects a breeze.

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How to Repaint a Wall the Same Colour

When you know how to repaint your walls, your home will feel fresh and up to date. If you’re repainting a wall with the same colour paint, there are some simple steps to take:

Step 1: Wash the wall thoroughly to remove any dirt, grime or grease

Step 2: Fill any holes and cracks with fillers.

Step 3: When filler is dry, sand off and prime the filled areas. To avoid a patchy appearance, it may be useful to prime the entire wall.

Step 4: Repaint the wall with at least 2 coats of paint.

It can be hard to know which paint colour is the best one to use. Our Colour Stylist Service offers can provide you with expert guidance and advice in choosing the right colour palettes and paint colour for your walls. Fill in the enquiry form to find out more.

How to Repaint Walls with Peeling Paint 

Before painting, it’s important to spend time repairing and preparing the wall. Watch the how to prepare to paint video

Signs of peeling paint on walls includes sections of paint coming off on their own and spidery cracks or holes. Paint can peel away from the wall because of moisture seeping through the paint surface or an improperly prepared wall surface. 

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