Painting your window trims is an easy way to give your home a fresh, updated feel and look. Like all painting projects, achieving a crisp, clean window trim requires good preparation and using the best quality paint and tools. Knowing how to paint window trim using Haymes Paint extensive range of preparation products and exterior paint colours will make your window trim painting project a breeze.

Essential Tips on How to Paint Window Trim

how to paint window trim - Close up of painted window trim

Learning how to paint outside window trim starts with getting the following items together:

  • Cleaning equipment including a bucket, rubber gloves and safety goggles
  • Haymes Paint Uni Clean
  • Scrapers and filling blades
  • Exterior grade filler
  • Gap sealer and a gap gun
  • Masking tape, sandpaper and wall brush
  • Wall brush and sash cutter
  • Haymes Paint UltraTrim and Haymes Paint SolaShield

To prepare the window trim for painting, wearing rubber gloves use a sponge or brush to apply Haymes Paint Uni Clean on any soiled paint surfaces. Leave for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with clean water. A scrubbing brush may be required if there are stubborn stains. Using your scraper, remove any peeling or flaking paint before sanding back. Fill any gaps with your exterior grade filler. After the filler is dry, sand off and spot prime. If there are any gaps on the window, fill these with a flexible gap filler. This will ensure if there’s any movement with the wooden window frames it will not crack.

Now you’ve prepared the window trim, it’s time to learn how to paint window trim. It’s a good idea to paint your windows early in the day so they dry before you may want to close them at night. Before you paint your window trim use masking tape to protect the glass.

Haymes Paint Ultra Premium Trim Enamel is a water-based enamel that provides a durable, tough washable finish. This high-quality self-levelling formula produces smooth and durable results.

When you paint near the window glass, it’s important to allow paint to get onto the glass by 1 to 2 millimetres. This painting technique will prevent any moisture from penetrating between the window frame and glass.

Get Expert Advice on How to Paint Exterior Window Trim

Visit a Local Stockist to get professional painting tips and advice on your window trim painting project.