Painting window frames will give your home the perfect finishing touch. Using our guide, it’s easy to learn how to paint window frames like a professional painter. Knowing how to paint window frames involves preparing the window frame and protecting the glass before using Haymes premium quality exterior paint.

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Essential Preparation: How To Repaint Wooden Window Frames

The more time and effort you put into preparing your windows for painting, the more professional your paint project will look.

  • A combination of condensation, dust and sticky hands can result in window getting grubby.
  • Your window frame must be dry, clean and sound before you paint it.
  • Wearing a dust mask, make sure any loose, flaking paint is scraped back and removed.
  • Fill any gaps with Haymes Uni-Fill or Haymes Gap Filler.
  • After you’ve sanded back the filler, wipe off any residue with a clean lint free rag.
  • Protect the window glass from paint and mask the window frames with low tack painter’s masking tape.

How To Paint Window Frames

Once you’ve prepared your window frames, it’s time to learn how to paint old window frames or how to repaint window frames exterior. After you’ve chosen your window frame paint from our wide range of paint colours load the brush tip with one-third of the brush. Tap any excess paint off on the side of the paint can.

Using long brush strokes, paint on one side of the window frame before moving onto the other side. To achieve a professional finish, avoid dabbing the paintbrush into corners or overworking the paint. For the second coat of paint, always start at the same corner.

Want to paint your windows but don’t have the time? Haymes preferred painters know how to repaint window frames, are experienced, use Ultra Premium and premium quality Haymes paint and meet our strict professional painting criteria.

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