How to Paint Plasterboard Walls

If the walls in your house have had new plaster hung recently, you’ll need to know how to paint them. Like all painting projects, the first thing to know about how to paint newly plastered walls is to take the time to prepare. Haymes Paint extensive range of interior paint colours and premium preparation products will give your newly plastered walls the care they deserve.


What You Need to Learn How to Paint Plasterboard

Before you start your painting project and find out how to paint newly plastered walls it’s important to have the right tools and the correct amount of paint. Haymes Paint online paint calculator is a simple tool to accurately estimate how much paint you’ll need for your plasterboard painting project.

Items you will need to have include:

  • Drop sheets and step ladder
  • Paint roller, paint tray and paint brushes
  • Masking tape
  • Bucket
  • Respirator mask, safety goggles and gloves.

How to Paint Newly Plastered Walls

how to paint plasterboard walls - Elite Acrylic Sealer Undercoat

With freshly plastered walls in your home, it’s important that the walls are sealed. This crucial step is the best way to know how to stop paint bubbling on plaster.

Step 1: Prepare sealer

It’s important to put on your respirator mask before you start sealing your newly plastered walls as the fumes from sealer can be very strong. Carefully remove the sealer lid and stir thoroughly before pouring into a bucket.

Step 2: Cut in the edges

Before you use your paint roller to apply the sealer, you need to cut in using a paintbrush. Cut into areas including frames, skirting boards, ceiling lines and corners.

Step 3: Apply seal to the wall

Using a roller, apply sealer to the wall making sure it’s covered evenly and smoothly. Once the sealer has dried, you can get ready to paint your newly plastered walls.

Get Advice & Painting Tips

When it’s time to paint your new plaster walls, it’s a great opportunity to change the paint colours. Our Color Stylist Service can provide you with expert guidance and advice in choosing the right paint color and color palettes for your walls. Visit a Local Stockist to get professional painting tips and advice.