Thinking about freshening up your home interior or modernising the colour of your feature wall? Knowing how to paint interior walls properly will ensure a fantastic looking finish that will make your home look great and will make the project a lot easier. Below is information on how to paint house interior walls from Australia’s paint experts including how to paint brick wall interiors.

Bedroom feature wall painted in Haymes Designer Finish

Haymes Paint is a family run business that has been providing high-quality paint for over 80 years. Every generation of Haymes’ has been passionate about crafting quality products for Australian homes and businesses and over this time have built up an extensive range of interior, exterior and artisan paints along with textured and wood finish paints. Here are some useful tips on how to paint your house interior from the experts.

Learn How to Paint Interior Walls

Here are our simple steps on how to paint a house interior:

  • Lay down a drop sheet and clean the wall thoroughly using sugar soap removing any dirt, grease or dust
  • Mask any trim and cornices to help you cut in
  • Load the brush with paint and wipe off on one side before cutting in. It’s important not to cut in too far ahead of using the roller otherwise the paint won’t blend
  • Load the roller with paint before starting in the corner you first cut in. Use a W or M pattern to ensure even consistency

Once you have learnt how to paint house interior walls, you’ll need to choose paint colours. We’ve made it easy for you to explore our entire colour range online before heading into a store. We have a Colour Library for inspiration on colour schemes based on different themes and concepts. We also have a Color Stylist Service that can provide you with expert guidance and advice in choosing the right paint colour & colour palettes for your walls.

How To Paint Internal Brick Walls

If your interior brick wall is making your home feel dark and old-fashioned and you would like to know how to paint interior brick, here are some tips on learning how to paint brick wall interior.

  • Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove any dust or particles on the brick wall
  • Mask off any areas that need protection
  • Apply Haymes Rendertex Renderprime and allow it to dry
  • Use a roller to apply Haymes Interior Paint using vertical strokes from the floor to the ceiling
  • Apply pressure to fill any uneven textures

Get Expert Advice On How To Paint A House Interior Today

Have questions about how to paint interior walls or how to paint internal brick walls? Visit your local Haymes Paint shop or Independent Stockist and speak to the experts. Or, you can arrange a Color Consultation with one of our fully qualified Haymes Colour Consultants.