Time to freshen up your home interior or modernise the colour of your feature wall? It’s simple when you know how to paint interior walls. Haymes Paint’s extensive range of interior paint colours will give your home the facelift it deserves. Get inspiration from our online colour library.

White Bedroom Interior

Learn How to Paint Interior Walls

When you’re about to tackle your interior painting project, it’s important that it looks professional. These tips will teach you how to paint house interior walls

  1. Lay down a drop sheet and clean the wall thoroughly using sugar soap removing any dirt, grease or dust.

  2. Mask any trim and cornices to help you cut in.

  3. Load the brush with paint and wipe off on one side before cutting in. It’s important not to cut in too far ahead of using the roller otherwise the paint won’t blend.

  4. Load the roller with paint before starting in the corner you first cut in. Use a W or M pattern to ensure even consistency.

Find Out How to Paint Interior Brick

If your interior brick wall is making your home feel dark and old-fashioned, it’s easy to change it with a coat of fresh paint. Use these tips to learn how to paint brick wall interior. Dining Setting with Blue Chairs, Timber Table & Red Cabinet

  1. Use a stiff bristled brush to remove any dust or particles on the brick wall.

  1. Mask off any areas that need protection.

  2. Apply Haymes Rendertex Renderprime and allow it to dry.

  3. Use a roller to apply Haymes Interior Paint using vertical strokes from the floor to the ceiling. Apply pressure to fill any uneven textures.

Get Expert Advice

When it’s time to paint your interior walls, it’s a great opportunity to change the paint colours. Our Color Stylist Service can provide you with expert guidance and advice in choosing the right paint color and color palettes for your walls. Got questions about how to paint interior walls? Visit your local Haymes Paint store and ask the experts.