When it comes to painting your home’s exterior, we recommend painting from top to bottom with eaves and soffits first. Below is how to paint eaves to make the job easier and to ensure you get a great looking finish. 

Haymes Paint is an Australian family run business and has been since 1935. Each generation of Hyames’ has been equally passionate about crafting quality products. Our range includes both interior & exterior paints, an artisan collection and paints for textured & timber finishes. Here is how to paint house eaves

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Paint House Eaves

Here is how to paint the eaves of a house for a long-lasting finish that adds impact to your home’s exterior: 

  1. Choose your paint. Talk to your local experts about what the best exterior paint is for your project. 
  2. Prep! Wash all surfaces with soapy water, hose down then allow them to dry completely. If you are painting over existing paint, sand the eaves then remove all dust. You may need to scrape away paint if it’s flaking or peeling before sanding the eaves. Use a filler to fill in any cracks or holes. 
  3. Make sure the area is safe. If possible remove any items that may get in the way - this will make the job both easier and safer. Use painters tape to protect the walls of your home. You may also need to cover windows and lay a dropsheet down as well.
  4. Apply the first coat of paint (if the eaves don’t have any paint on them, you may require an undercoat). Depending on the type of paint you have chosen you may need more than one coat. Make sure the paint is dry before applying the next coat. 
  5. Once the paint is dry you can carefully remove the painter’s tape. 

Talk To The Experts About How To Paint Eaves Of A House

Find your nearest Haymes Paint shop or Independent Stockistto speak to your local experts about how to paint house eaves and get everything you need for your project. 

If you’re unsure what colour scheme to use for the exterior of your home, arrange a Color Consultation with one of our fully qualified Haymes Colour Consultants. Both online and at-home consultations are available.