Over the years, door frames can become worn, chipped or discoloured. Knowing how to paint door frames like a professional painter is simple with our easy to follow steps.

How to Paint Door Frames - Refreshing old door

How To Prep For Painting Door Frames

It's important to prepare your door frame before you learn how to repaint door frame. You will need:

  • Haymes Gap Filler
  • Haymes Tri Coat
  • Low-tack masking tape
  • Hand sander and sanding block
  • Paint roller with 4-5mm sleeve
  • Roller tray
  • Dust mask
  • 63mm cutter brush
  • Haymes UltraTrim High Gloss
  • Haymes UltraTrim Acrylic Enamel

Remove any door furniture, making sure that the doors are clean and don't have any imperfections. If imperfections exist, patch, sand and spot prime, before wiping the door clean with a lint-free cloth. To protect the wall surfaces from paint, use masking tape along the edges and around the door frame.

How To Paint Door Frames Like A Professional

Before you learn how to paint door frames, a change of paint colour may be worthwhile. Our Colour Stylist Service is available to help you select the perfect paint colour for your door. Haymes Ultra Premium UltraTrim Acrylic Enamel is fast drying and has very low odour. With brushes easily washed in water, your door frame can be completed in a day.

When you’re learning how to paint outside door frame and how to paint exterior door frame it’s important to have good paint brush technique. Knowing how to paint door frames without brush marks starts by brushing the edges of the door making sure that no paint is applied to the face of the door. Wipe off the excess if this has occurred. If the door has panels, be careful that runs don't develop in the bottom edges of the recesses from built up paint.

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