When cement rendered walls start to look drab, it may be time to paint them. Once you learn how to paint cement rendered walls,the interior and exterior of your home will always shine. Haymes Paint make it easy with their range of Designer Finishes Rendercoat and Artisan Collection Rendercoat 

Rendered wall with table & plants

How to Paint a Cement Rendered Wall

Learning how to paint a rendered wall requires some preparation. You’ll need:

  • Empty bucket
  • Masking tape
  • Disposable plastic drop sheets
  • Plastic trowel
  • Old paint brush for cleaning up
  • Eye protection
  • Lamb’s wool mitt
  • Disposable gloves
  • Paint stirrer
  • Haymes Designer Finishes Rendercoat

Before you start, mask up the surrounding areas and make sure the wall is dry and clean. 

  1. Place drop sheets on the ground or floor for protection. 

  2. Moisten the lamb’s wool mitt with water and remove excess water by squeezing it dry. 

  3. Mix the Haymes Designer Finishes Rendercoat with the paint stirrer to ensure the consistency is even. It’s important to do this throughout the rendering process. 

  4. With the lamb’s wool mitt on your hand, grab a generous amount of Haymes Designer Finishes Rendercoat and apply it to the wall in a circular motion. Take care to ensure the product is evenly spread. 

  5. If you want a smooth finish, use circular motions with the paint trowel on the fresh render. 

  6. To achieve a natural bagged appearance, use the lamb’s wool mitt. Allow drying for 24 hours before repeating process. Use the same steps to learn how to paint rendered exterior walls.

Get Advice on How to Paint Cement Rendered Walls

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