When cement rendered walls start to look drab, it may be time to paint them. If you would like to know how to paint a cement rendered wall to freshen up your home, our painting experts have put some information together below to help you.

Home Interior Painted in Haymes Textures Rendercoat

Haymes Paint is a family-run Australian business. We pride ourselves on crafting quality products and conducting our business with respect for the impact on the environment and the reduction of waste & emissions. Here are steps on how to paint render on a house:

Steps On How To Paint A Rendered Wall

How to Paint a Rendered Wall - Image of Paint Roller

Learning how to paint rendered exterior walls requires some preparation. You’ll need:

Before you start, fill any cracks with an exterior grade render filler, then mask up the surrounding areas and make sure the wall is dry & clean.

Step 1: Place drop sheets on the ground or floor for protection

Step 2: Mix the Haymes Ultra Premium Solashield Exterior with the paint stirrer to ensure the consistency is even. It’s important to do this throughout the painting process

Step 3: With the roller or paintbrush, apply it to the wall in long smooth movements. Take care to ensure the product is evenly spread

Step 4: Allow 2 hours for drying before applying a second coat

TIP: Using a high-quality exterior paint and painting accessories (roller or paint brushes) for rendered walls will ensure a good quality finish.

How To Paint Rendered Brick Walls If You Want To A Smooth Or Natural Bagged Finish

If you want a smooth finish, use long sweeping strokes with the paint brush or long rolls with the roller onto the render.

To achieve a natural bagged appearance, use a lamb’s wool mitt. Allow drying for 24 hours before repeating the process.

How To Paint A Newly Rendered Wall

In terms of how to paint a newly rendered wall, you need to ensure the render has been left to cure for 4-6 weeks before it is painted to allow it to harden (possibly longer if it’s cold and wet). This also allows moisture to evaporate from the wall as well.

Get Advice On How To Paint A Rendered House

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