How to Paint a Large Ceiling without Streaks

Painting a ceiling is often overlooked when people are repainting their home because it can feel too hard. When you know how to paint a large ceiling it’s easy to shift the feel and look of your rooms. Haymes Paint extensive range of interior paint colours ensures the ceiling colour you choose will complement your walls, décor and trims.

How to Paint a Large Ceiling

how to paint a large ceiling without streaks - image of the white newlife ceiling paint

Knowing how to paint a ceiling without streaks starts with good preparation. These tips will help you learn how to use a paint roller on a ceiling. To ensure you’ve got the right amount of ceiling paint for your project, use our online paint calculator.

Step 1: Clear the work area and cover it with drop sheets. Have your ladder, brush, roller and extension pole, tray and masking tape on hand.

Step 2: Thoroughly clean the ceiling and remove any dust or cobwebs before using sugar soap.

Step 3: Use masking tape around any lights, edges and cornices

Step 4: Use your paintbrush to cut in where the paint roller won’t reach, including lights. We suggest you only cut in as you go to ensure the paint blends evenly.

Step 5: Load the roller evenly with ceiling paint and work in 1-metre sections in a parallel motion.

Step 6: While the ceiling is still damp, use an unloaded paint roller in a corner of the ceiling and lightly pull it in a straight line without pressure. Continue this action, slightly overlapping each line. This will prevent ceiling paint streaks.

How to Paint a Bathroom Ceiling

If your bathroom ceiling is showing signs of moisture damage, mildew or mould, a fresh paint of coat will revive it. Before you start preparing the ceiling, it’s very important to check there’s no asbestos present. With many bathroom ceilings prior to 1987 containing asbestos it’s vital licensed asbestos removalists remove this.If your bathroom ceiling has no asbestos present, use sugar soap to thoroughly clean any stains or mould.

Scrape off any flaking paint, sand back the ceiling surface and fill any gaps or holes with filler. Our range of premium quality ceiling paints are easy to apply and specifically formulated to hide any surface imperfections to create a uniform finish.

Get Expert Advice on How to Paint a Large Ceiling

We are here to ensure your ceiling painting project goes as smoothly as possible. Visit a Local Stockist and get professional painting tips and advice.