Painting a feature wall in your home is a great way to update the look and style of any room. Knowing how to paint a feature wall is a cost effective, simple way to change the look and feel of a room. Haymes Paint have an extensive range of paint colours that will give you the painting result and eye-catching appeal your home deserves.

How to Choose a Feature Wall to Paint 07 Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Our Colour Team suggests that the feature wall you choose should be the space to which your eye is first drawn to as you enter the room. For example, walls with a fireplace and mantelpiece work well, and it’s usually best to avoid painting a feature wall that has windows in it.

Another thing to consider is where your furniture will be placed. Strategically placed furniture can emphasise your feature wall but too much furniture will obscure it.


How to Choose a Feature Wall Colour

When you choose a colour for your feature wall, it’s important to consider the rest of the room. Picking something to highlight the room or using a favourite colour can be a good place to start.

Get help deciding which colour to choose for your feature wall. Our Colour Stylist Service can help you with expert guidance and advice in choosing the right colour palettes and paint colour for your walls.

Instructional Steps: How to Paint a Feature Wall 

These steps will help you learn how to do a feature wall with paint like a professional. 

Before you paint a feature wall, it’s important that you prepare the wall. Watch our how to prepare to paint video that includes tips on how to patch, prime and mask off anything you don’t want paint over. 

  1. Using premium quality Haymes paint, begin painting the feature wall at the edges and corners of the wall with a paint brush; this is called cutting in.

  2. Use a paint roller and slowly paint the feature wall surface in a series of strokes that are roughly one metre square. We suggest this is done in a zigzag pattern to begin with before an up and down pattern. This ensures paint is evenly spread and helps to achieve a professional look.

  3. Once the first coat of paint has dried, repeat the same application process for the second coat of paint.

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