Colour plays a big part in painting doors. For your front door, you want to consider the overall style of your external house colours, and pick a colour suited to that.

In terms of how to paint interior doors, the process is just the same, if not easier.


Painting Interior Doors and Trim

  • Consider the colours of surrounding walls and ceilings
  • Ideally, take the door off the hinges or have a door stopper in place to prevent movement whilst painting
  • Clean the painting surface and sand down any rough edges
  • Cover surrounding areas (hinges, door knobs and floor) with tape and cloth rags

Depending on the style of finish you are after, the type of paint to use on the door surface would differ. Whether it be a high gloss finish or a muted matte look, Haymes have it covered - View our Colour Range for options. Having over 80 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us & our stockists to provide you with quality advice and guidance on all your painting needs.

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