If you’re after some tips on how to paint a door you’ve come to the right place! Below are some useful resources we have put together to make painting interior doors and trim easier and will help ensure a fantastic finish.

Image of Home exterior and freshly painted front door

Haymes Paint is an Australian family run business that has been run by generations of Haymes’ since it began in 1935. The current Haymes’ generation is just as passionate about producing quality products as the first generation. We also take pride in conducting our business with respect for the impact on the environment and the reduction of waste & emissions.

If you’re looking to refresh the interior of your home by painting doors and trim here is some handy information on how to paint interior doors and what to consider when painting doors and trim.

Tips & Resources On How To Paint Doors And Trim

Tips on how to paint interior doors:

  • Take the door off the hinges to paint (or have a door stopper in place to prevent movement whilst painting)
  • Clean the painting surface and sand down any rough edges
  • Cover surrounding areas (hinges, door knobs and floor) with tape and cloth rags

And some other useful resources that will help when learning how to paint doors and trim are our ‘How To Videos’ & Paint Calculator. If you’d also like a list of our preferred painters (all reputable and experienced professionals that meet our criteria of a preferred painter), just fill out our online form and we will send you a list.

Best Paint For Doors And Trims

Because doors and trims can often get knocked, kicked or scuffed, the best paint for doors and trim are hard-wearing, high-quality paints that can clean easily. Depending on the style of finish you are after when painting interior doors and trim, the type of paint to use on the door surface will differ. You may decide on a high gloss finish or a muted matte look, either way, we have you covered!

When it comes to choosing colours for painting interior doors and trim, consider the colours of surrounding walls and ceilings to ensure your choice complements your home’s existing colour scheme. We have a huge range of interior paint colours to choose from (view our Colour Range) and we also have a Colour Library with colour schemes based on different concepts & themes.

If you need some help choosing the best paint colour for interior doors and trim, you can speak to one of our fully qualified Haymes Colour Consultants. Consultations can be done in-home (currently only in Victoria and New South Wales) or you can arrange an online Colour Consultation (available Australia Wide).

Talk To The Experts About The Best Paint For Doors And Trims

Arrange a Color Consultation today or visit your local Haymes Paint shop or Independent Stockist to ask about the best paint for interior doors and trim. Having over 80 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us & our stockists to provide you with quality advice and guidance on all your painting needs.