How to Paint a Concrete Floor

When painting a concrete floor, preparation of the surface is critical. Understanding how to paint concrete will ensure a long-lasting finish that looks fantastic. Ensuring you use concrete floor paint designed specifically for concrete floors is also key.

Haymes Paint is a family run business that has been producing paint for over 80 years and we are passionate about crafting quality paint that we are proud to put our name on. Below we list the best paints for concrete floors in our range including Haymes QuickPave, QuickPave Heavy Duty and QuickPave Non-Slip Additive. We also provide details on where you can buy concrete paint. Watch the video below on how to prepare a concrete floor for painting.

Haymes QuickPave

Haymes QuickPave is a high-quality water-based concrete floor paint. It is a quick-drying, self-priming paint for coating interior and exterior concrete paving with superb coverage. Haymes QuickPave has superior long-lasting exterior durability and is easy to apply. It is also resistant to oil & hot tyres and dries to a semi-gloss finish.

Key features include:

  • Superior durability
  • Fade resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Effortless application
  • Water based

Haymes QuickPave Heavy Duty

Haymes QuickPave Heavy Duty is a hard-wearing, solvent-based, gloss enamel paint for coating interior and exterior concrete. It is a tough, durable, long-lasting gloss finish that resists grease, oil and hot tyres and is suitable for surfaces such as floors, paths, driveways and commercial areas. This product is not suitable for use in food preparation areas.

Key features include:

  • Superior toughness
  • Long lasting finish
  • Resistant to oil and grease
  • Interior/exterior use
  • High gloss finish

Haymes QuickPave Non Slip Additive

Haymes QuickPave Non-Slip Additive has been formulated for use with Haymes QuickPave Paving Paint. When used together Haymes QuickPave Non-Slip Additive reduces the tendency for paving to be slippery when wet.

Key features include:

  • Universal additive
  • Hard wearing
  • Subtle texture

Where To Buy Concrete Paint

Find your nearest stockist to buy concrete floor paint near you using our Store Finder or buy concrete paint online.

Talk to an Expert

For more information & advice on painting products, visit your local Haymes Paint Shop or independent stockist.


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