How to Decorate with Wallpaper

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Soft pastels, striking bolds or pretty paisleys — wallpaper is your ticket to a unique, stand-out style.

Decorating with wallpaper doesn’t have to be a choice that may date over time. If you’re wondering how to decorate your dining room or bedroom, choose something that reflects your personality. It can be simple and classic, paired with texture and tone for variation or loud patterns paired with bold pops of colour.

Wallpaper Recommendations

Use Soft Pastels

Beautiful pastel wallpaper can add softness to a space, which is perfect for nurseries and classic interiors.

Go Geometric

For a bold look, choose a geometric, graphic or floral design to create an instant statement style, boasting fun and creativity.

Using Feature Walls

If you’re hesitant about changing the overall look of a space but still contemplating how to decorate your walls, creating a feature wall with wallpaper is a great alternative. Most importantly, use wallpaper to make a space feel unique and individual, adding another dimension to your home. With an array of wallpaper designs on offer, ensure you choose a good quality brand and think seriously as to whether you will be installing the wallpaper yourself or hiring a professional — either way, you want to achieve the best results.

Example Wallpapers

Nursery Idea 1 Cole and Son Folie Rosseau Nursery Idea 2 Cole and Son Folie Tivoli Nursery Idea 3 Cole and Son Folie Versailles Grand Portrait Nursery Idea 4 Haymes MG RHYTHMICPALMS 6361 lowres



Versailles Grand Portrait

Rhythmic Palms

Find Inspiration

If you're unsure about which style will suit your room, browse our range of inspirational ideas on wallpaper and decorating. Viewing our favourites is sure to give your creativity buzzing!

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