When it comes to choosing a paint sheen, there are a few factors that will determine what sheen level is best for your painting project. Below, is information on how to choose paint sheen for different areas of your home. 

Haymes Paint is a family run business that has been crafting quality paints since 1935. We offer a wide range of paints including interior & exterior paints, an artisan collection and paints for textured & timber finishes. Here is how to choose paint sheen for your painting project:

Types of Paint Sheen

The different types of paint finishes from the one with the least amount of sheen to the highest include: 

  • Flat
  • Matt
  • Low sheen 
  • Semi-gloss
  • Gloss

The level of sheen that is best for your project will depend on what & where you are painting and what look or finish you’re after. We always recommend testing out different colours and paint types before selecting your paint, however here are some tips on different sheen types for different areas of your home: 

What Sheen For Walls

What sheen for walls will depend on the size and light in the room. Paint with a higher sheen may be best for small or dark rooms as the light bouncing off the walls creates the illusion of the room being bigger. However, flat or low sheen paints are most popular for walls as they are best for hiding imperfections like cracks and marks.

What Sheen For Trim

What sheen for trim will depend on the amount of foot traffic in the area you’re painting. We recommend higher sheen paints for high traffic areas as they are easier to clean.

What Sheen For Bathroom

The paint you use in a bathroom will need to be steam and moisture resistant. Higher gloss paints have often been chosen in the past because they are easier to clean however low sheen paints are more durable and you can now get low sheen paints that have been formulated so they are easier to clean. 

What Sheen For Ceiling

We recommend a flat or matt paint for ceilings as they are best for surfaces that have imperfections. However, if you have a dark room, the light that reflects off a higher sheen finish may help to brighten a dark room.

What Sheen For Doors

When it comes to what sheen to use for doors, it will depend on the look you’re after however we do recommend a higher sheen finish, again because it’s easier to clean. The higher gloss finish is also the most popular aesthetic finish chosen for doors.

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