When you start a painting project, it’s exciting to picture what the room will look like once it’s finished. The last thing you need is to get frustrated about running out of paint in the middle of it. Knowing the answer to ‘how much paint do I need?’ can help you get the right amount of paint.

Get the Right Amount of PaintHow Much Paint

Before you start your painting project, we can help you chose the right paint colour. Our Colour Stylist Service provides online or at home consultations. With a wide range of interior house paint for walls, ceilings and trims your room will look and feel fresher.

Use Our Online Paint Calculator

Our easy to use online paint calculator will give you estimates for the following:

  • How much paint do I need per square meter
  • How much paint do I need to paint a room
  • How much paint do I need to paint a wall

The detailed calculations include the number of coats required, the paint’s spreading rate and the surface area size.

Contact Us to Learn More

Need help to work out how much paint do I need. Get your questions answered by our friendly customer service team 1800 033 431 or email us.

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