When you want your painting project to be flawless, you need to adopt painting techniques the professional’s use. With so many different painting techniques, there are also things to avoid with your painting methods that include:

  • Skipping Prep Time: Not taking enough time to prepare the surface will be a detriment to your painting project. Remember that professional painters spend most of their time on preparation.
  • Not having the right brushes or rollers: Skimping on the quality of brushes and rollers means that even with the best paint in the world, the result won’t be what you hoped for.
  • Using masking tape and not painter’s tape: If you don’t use the professional painter’s tape, you’ll be spending time and effort.

Not using the right primer and preparation products. Haymes Paint has a wide range of high-quality primer and preparation products.

Wall Painting Techniques

Home Painting Techniques - Professionally painted wall painted in pastel pine

When it comes to painting techniques, it’s good to look to the professionals for tips and advice. Top tips include:

  • Avoid dipping your brush too far into the paint. By only dipping the brush a third of the way into the paint, you’ll avoid wasting paint and having to clean up for longer.
  • Not having a professional painting technique. Professional painters usually start at the ceiling and work their way down to the walls. This helps them catch any paint drips while they work.
  • Using the wrong paintbrush.

If you’re applying water-based paint with a natural bristle brush, the bristles will become limp because they’re absorbing too much paint. Oil-based paints should be applied with natural bristle brushes. Synthetic paintbrushes are ideal for acrylic and water-based paints.

Acrylic Painting Techniques

When it comes to painting areas in your home with high traffic areas, acrylic paints are a good option. When you use Haymes Interior Paints, scuffs, patched areas, and previous colour schemes are a thing of the past. Our Ultra-Premium Expressions Interior paint is one of the best paints in regards to hiding power it’s:

  • 99% VOC free so it emits no fumes or odours for the life of the paint.
  • Scrubbable, stain-resistant finish is easy to clean and applies with minimal roller splatter, forming the perfect protection for your home.
  • Suitable for interior plasterboard, timber, masonry and pre-painted surfaces and available in Low Sheen and Semi-Gloss.

View our acrylic painting tutorials online. Don’t want to learn acrylic painting online? Haymes Preferred Painters can handle every part of your painting project. From the essential preparation and professional painting techniques to the meticulous clean-up afterwards.

For expert painting techniques including texture painting techniques and dry brush painting, visit your local Haymes store. They can also help you with different painting styles and abstract painting techniques.