Heritage homes, like any other property can fade over time, causing it to look old and worn. However, heritage homes stand out due to their timeless designs and rich features, making them irreplaceable and precious in our community.

Haymes Authentic Heritage Paint Range

Like repainting any other wall, it sometimes can be hard to find the exact same colour match.

Heritage Bungalow Home

Haymes have developed a range of heritage paint colours based from the original British and Australian Standard Numbers to make it easier for those looking to refresh the look of their heritage home.

Our heritage house colours reflect the styles and the feel the house traditionally portrays, making it easy to match and refurbish while maintaining the overall style.

To help identify period styles, we have put together a list of typical design features, correlating to time periods, along with heritage paint colours to match.

Get Expert Advice

For further information or guidance in identifying the best heritage paint for your home, organise a consultation with a colour stylist. Each stylist is experienced in restoring the beauty of a heritage home with heritage paint. Consultations can be held at your home or online.

Otherwise, visit your local Haymes stockist for advice & to stock up on all your painting supplies.

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