With the right colour palette that honours their timeless features, heritage homes can look stunning. Haymes Paint’s heritage colour pallete includes a mix of neutral and bold colours so you can create a colour scheme that showcases the unique character of heritage homes that make them an Australian favourite. Below, find out more about the heritage house colours we have in our range and how we can help you choose the perfect heritage colour scheme for your home.

Haymes Paint is a family run business that has been crafting quality paints for over 80 years. Our range includes interior & exterior paints, an artisan collection and paints for textured & timber finishes. Here is how we can help you choose heritage house colours for your home.

Choosing The Right Heritage House Colours

Heritage paint colours are often guided by the style or period of the home. Soft greys are popular for Victorian heritage homes, as are whites & creams for federation style homes.

Heritage Bungalow Home

When it comes to heritage colours for exteriors, strong rustic reds, deep greens or dark greys are a great option for rooftops and window sills with a neutral or light colour for the walls. White and light neutral colours are popular heritage colours for interiors, especially for smaller or darker rooms. With the widest selection of white paint fantastic.

If you’re unsure what heritage house colours will work for your home, you can arrange an in-house or online colour consultation with one of our fully qualified Haymes Colour Consultants. With years of interior design experience, they know what colours work well for heritage homes.

Here are some of the other resources we have to assist you in choosing colours:

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