Five Tips for Decorating Your Nursery

Creating the perfect space for your baby is simple and enjoyable with our five nursery decorating ideas.

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1. If you’ve chosen a neutral palette - add lots of colour with pictures and photos to hang on the walls, a beautiful rug for the floor, cushions and other accessories.

2. Ensure there is something cute and stylish to stimulate your bub while they are in their cot and on the change table.

3. If you already have a cot and other pieces to fill out the space but are stuck on choosing a colour to paint your nursery, pick an item you love and pull a colour from there.

- This way, the colour and interior décor will work nicely together, reflecting your individual style.
- Think about things differently when looking for nursery décor ideas and try shopping at places you wouldn’t normally.

4. Sometimes you can find the perfect piece at the most unusual place.

- Don’t feel constrained to stick to standard baby nursery decorating ideas.

5. Mix and match designs, paint the room in a colour you feel works and stay true to your own style and aesthetic — if you love a fresh, modern look, go with it.

Remember, your tiny tot will grow up quickly and you won’t want to re-decorate too quickly. So try and think about what’s going to work now, in a few months and a couple of years. This will save you both money and time.

Get More Expert Advice

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