Five Colourful Interior Design Ideas

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Step outside the ordinary and challenge yourself to create some colourful interiors that encapsulate your personality.

Five Colourful Interior Design Ideas Colour to Furniture

Whether you’re decorating a room in a new house or simply spicing up a space, here’s five colourful interior design ideas that will help you get inspired to create some eye-catching interiors.


Accessories can help to change the style of a room by complementing its design aesthetic. However, choose each accessory carefully to ensure the best effect.

Try choosing accessories that represent your personality and consider the style which you would like to create within the space.

This will ensure you choose colourful accessories that complement the look and feel of your design.


If you’re sick of traditional one-tone colours and want to try something different, paint a wall halfway up or down or add wallpaper or stencilling to create a colourful interior that will stand out.

This is a quick way to instantly add colour and fun to a space.

Add Colour to Furniture

There is no point throwing out furniture when it can easily be revived with a lick of luminous paint. Simply add colour to an ordinary chair, tired table or dull display and see how a space is instantly transformed with a vibrant and fresh look.

Five Colourful Interior Design Ideas Colour to Furniture Living Room

Bringing it all Together

Colourful interior design does not have to mean re-decorating an entire space. If you’re walls are painted in a neutral, light tone, add a soft, subtle pastel to the door or along the bottom of the walls.

This will add a warm, fun aesthetic to the room, bringing it to life.

For Double Stories

Staircases can be a fabulous feature with potential to create strong visual impact. Inject colour by either adding a bright tone along the staircase wall or to the guardrail.

Choose a similar tone to create harmony throughout the space or a contrasting colour to add a unique and bold style.

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