One of the most important spaces in the home is the bedroom. Achieve a whimsical, calm retreat with these five bedroom paint ideas.

Time to Harmonise

Create harmony and balance in your bedroom with soft, neutral tones, like Haymes Spatial.

This cool, calm and muted tone evokes a clean, sophisticated style, easily played up with natural foliage and pastel wisps of colour.

brush spatial

dreamy bedroom colours spatial

Everything’s Peachy

A light pink interior canvas is the perfect bedroom backdrop to create a bright, modern look.

With a subtle, peach hue, like Haymes Peach Blossom, warm, timber tones and forest greens will really pop.

brush blossom

dreamy bedroom colours peach blossom

Hibernation Season

Create a welcoming, snug space by introducing a warm, grey tone, like Haymes Memory. Prepare for the cooler months by layering knitted throws and piling on the pillows in contrasting colours.

Add a touch of drama with a statement bedhead that demands attention and instant admiration.

brush memory

dreamy bedroom colours memory

Child’s Play

Blossoming shades of pink, like Haymes Cherish, are an instant mood lifter, throwing in light and adding a sense of playfulness.

Boldly feminine and fun, this hue brings out a youthful enchantment perfect for any little girl’s bedroom.

brush cherish

dreamy bedroom colours cherish

Coastal Living

Imagine you’re by the seaside with Haymes Organic 1, a bright, airy hue that creates a comfortable and calming sanctum.

Style with natural materials and neutral tones, as well as contrasting, colourful touches and metallic finishes for a colourway that is anything but bland.

brush organic

dreamy bedroom colours organic

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