What do I use to clean walls?

Taking the time to clean walls before painting ensures your painting project will be long-lasting and professional looking. After putting down drop sheets to protect surfaces, fill a bucket with clean, fresh water. Wearing gloves and safety goggles, dispense Haymes Unikleen into the bucket. With a clean sponge, wipe down the walls thoroughly. Start at the top and work your way down. For stubborn stains, leave Haymes Unikleen on for a minute or two before wiping off. Dry the walls with a clean rag.

What to clean paint brushes with?

After you’ve finished painting with water-based paints for the day, clean your paint brushes with Haymes Ecocare Treatment Powder. For effective cleaning of paint brushes it’s best to use this in combination with the Ecocare Wash-Up Treatment System. This unique cleaning system is EPA compliant and conveniently cleans paint trays, brushes and rollers. With a simple dose of Ecocare Treatment Powder, the paint solids and water will easily separate from your paint brush. 

What to clean oil-based paint brushes with?

Cleaning oil-based paint brushes is easy with Ecocare Brush and Roller Cleaner Conditioner. Formulated as an environmentally responsible low VOC paint cleaning product, it's suitable to remove both oil-based and water-based paints. 

What do you use to clean walls before painting?

Cleaning walls before painting is easy when you use Haymes Unikleen. Place a drop sheet on the floor and other surfaces you want to protect. With safety goggles and gloves on, pour Haymes Unikleen into a clean bucket of water. Using a clean sponge, wipe the walls from the top down. If stains are stubborn, leave Unikleen on for longer before wiping off. Wipe the walls dry with a clean rag.

How to clean paint off walls?

Cleaning paint of walls is simple with Haymes paint removal products. Peel Away 8 has been formulated to remove up to 15 layers of paint during one application. This unique paint removal system is a safe and effective way to remove acrylic and oil paints. Peel Away 1 is a unique formulation that can remove up to 30 layers of paint during one application. Recommended by the EPA, it’s suitable for lead based and oil paints. Peel Away Neutraliser is used after using Peel Away 1. This concentrated liquid compound neutralises alkaline residues and returns the wall surface to PH neutral. 

How to get paint off walls?

Haymes paint removal products make it easy to get paint off walls. To remove up to 15 layers of paint during one application use Peel Away 8. This unique formulation safely and effectively removes oil and acrylic paints. To remove up to 30 layers of paint during one application, use Peel Away 1. Suitable for lead based and oil paints it’s also recommended by the EPA. After using Peel Away 1, the concentrated liquid compound Peel Away Neutraliser will neutralise alkaline residues to return the wall surface to PH neutral.