Designer Metallic Paint Finishes

Haymes have a range of metallic paint ideas to suit whatever metallic paint finish you’re after.

These water-based finishes are:

  • easy to apply
  • wash up in water
  • durable for both interior & exterior purposes
  • offer the ultimate metallic paint finishes for walls
  • great for furniture & garden features.
1846 Haymes Artisan Collection Can Render Copper 354x354  


With real copper flakes, Haymes Real Copper is a water-based paint perfect for creating a shimmery copper appearance. You can create depth by pairing this product with Haymes Oxidising Patina, as well as creating a copper verdigris finish. This metallic paint finish is ideal for feature walls, furniture, decorative and garden features.

1846 Haymes Artisan Collection Can Render Iron 354x354  


Create a glamorous silver look with Haymes Real Iron water-based paint containing real iron flakes. For an innovative and inspiring metal paint finish mix this product with Haymes Oxidising Patina to create a rusted cast-iron effect.

1846 Haymes Artisan Collection Can Render NaturalClearMatte 354x354  

Natural Clear Matte

Haymes Natural Clear Matte is a decorative finish for a natural matte finish, and it's also a versatile sealer to protect and maintain the appearance of other matte finsihes - including Artisan Surface, Rust and Matte Polish. Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces, this premium quality bespoke texture gives the look for a handcrafted finish.

1846 Haymes Artisan Collection Can Render OxidisingPatina 354x354  

Oxidising Patina

Specially formulated to be used alongside Haymes Real Iron and Real Copper, Haymes Oxidising Patina reacts with both to create a rusted iron finish, or a copper verdigris finish. Depending on the finish you’re after, this oxidant can be used for feature walls or garden features for an eye-catching effect.

1846 Haymes Paint Artisan PlasticTub Render RenderCoat FIN FLAT  


Haymes Rendercoat is a durable, water-based paint that is 100 per cent acrylic and designed to deliver the ultimate pigmented textured coating. Resistant to extreme weather conditions, mould and fungal growth, Haymes Rendercoat is suitable for plasterboard, brick, cement and masonry. Properly prepared, Haymes Rendercoat adheres excellently to virtually any surface.


Talk to a Specialist

For more information on how to get the perfect designer metallic paint finish, talk to a Haymes Colour Stylist and find your nearest store to get all the supplies you need.

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