Choosing Colour for your Feature Wall

Colours for the feature wall Dusty Beige Kendall Rose Boulder Grey

Feature walls are a great way to be creative in the home with minimal effort, as they are quick, cheap and easy to change with seasonal trends.

Choosing a Colour

Choosing a colour for your feature wall depends on your individual style and surrounding interior colours. It’s important to think about the atmosphere you want to create within the space.

Bold Colours

If you’re after some bold feature colour wall ideas, Haymes Viking is a strikingly rich tone that instantly draws the eye, creating a mysterious and sophisticated look. Accent copper accessories work well when paired with dark feature wall colours and create elegance and style within a space.

Other bold colours for your feature wall could include Haymes Peppy (light pink) and Charlotte (dark pink) for a feminine, two-tone touch. This combination adds a vibrant burst of colour and energy to a room.

Soothing Colours

For a subtle and soothing effect — yet still creative — try combing three colours in a tiered effect. An example of this is combining Haymes Dusty Beige, Kendall Rose and Boulder Grey (as above), where the dusty pinks and earthy grey create a muted and calming environment.

Always remember, when choosing colours for feature walls it’s important to take a look around your home and take inspiration from artworks, rugs or cushions and use a similar colour.

Hot tip: Try painting a large 1 x 1 metre piece of card with a Haymes sample pot and place it on the wall to give you a preview of your desired colours and how they may look.

Haymes Peppy and Charlotte Haymes Viking

Haymes Peppy and Charlotte (left), Haymes Viking (right)

Get Expert Advice

If you're unsure which colours will best match the style of your house, book a consultation (online or at home) with a Haymes Colour Stylist. Each stylist is experienced in providing professional advice & guidance to help you make the right decisions. Included with your consultation are items such as A5 painted brushouts of selected colours & a 10% discount voucher.