We have 3 recommended colours to make a statement in your home!

Stingray Grey is a slightly more subdued choice compared to the other two bold interior paint colours, offering a stylish and intimate setting.

Mix it up with various  coloured cushions, throws and artwork.

bold painting ideas stingray grey

bold painting ideas limebright

The rich red and opulent orange tones found in this bold paint colour, Uluru Red, are influenced by the multi-cultural styles weaved into the world we live in.

Take inspiration from Morocco, South American and India and create a striking accent wall paired with strong neutrals. Perfect for entertaining areas, this hue helps create a casual, warm aesthetic to sit among with friends and family.

bold painting ideas uluru red

bold painting ideas uluru

Limebright is a fun choice for a bold paint idea — perfect for creating a fresh and lively environment.

Venture into a dream-like reality pairing this vibrant hue with contrasting colours in the form of abstract art and off-the-wall objects, giving any space a youthful edge.

bold painting ideas limebright

bold painting ideas limebright3

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For other paint colour options, browse our Colour Range to see what suits your style.