Changing the paint colour in your home is one of the easiest decorating tools. But if the idea of a neutral paint colour for your interior painting project doesn’t appeal, we’ve got some bold painting ideas to inspire.

Using bold paint colours can add some personality and transform your home. Haymes Paint bold paint colours range from rich red and opulent orange to royal blue and teal.

Bold Painting Ideas - Pastel Pine Bold Painting Ideas - Calm Mind Shell Pink Bold Painting Ideas - Debonair

Choose a Colour for Bold Painting Ideas

To work out which bold colour to use in your home, consider whether you want the bold paint colours to contrast or to complement your artwork and furniture. Bold interior paint colours that make a statement in your home could include:

  • Green: renowned as being balancing and refreshing, green paint also provides a connection to nature.
  • Red: a feature wall in a rich red paint can create a striking accent wall when paired with strong neutral walls. Red paint is also associated with energy and passion and can be balanced with pale yellow or cream paint or with a deep crimson paint.
  • Yellow: a bright yellow wall will give your home a touch of sunniness and positivity. Yellow paint pairs well with blue, green and white paint.
  • Blue: often associated with a calmness that suggests blue skies or blue oceans, blue paint can be contrasted with neutrals and teal paint.

Discover the power of bold colour and download a Haymes Colour Card.

Not sure which bold paint ideas will suit your home? Our colour consultations make this process easy, enquire here. Once you’ve chosen the paint colours, use our online paint calculator to estimate how much paint you’ll need.

Additional Bold Painting Tips

As with all painting projects, you need to spend time preparing the room. By taking the time to prepare the trim, ceiling and surfaces of the walls, your bold painting project will look like a professional’s. Haymes Paint has a wide range of preparation products and how-to videos.

Find Your Local Store

For guidance and advice with your bold painting ideas, visit your local Haymes store. They can also help you learn about good painting techniques and the best way to prepare the surface of walls, windows and doors.