You don’t have to live near the beach to bring a distinctly coastal vibe into your home. With our 6 beach house colour schemes you’ll be ready to transform your home into the perfect beach shack.

Beach Colour Schemes:

Beach House Colour Warm Brown Beach House Colour Precipitous

Warm Brown

Soft, beach house interior colours, like Haymes Warm Brown bring a relaxed, peaceful ambience into the home. Associated with being ‘down to earth’, brown represents reliability and security, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort within a space.

Pair with wicker chairs, savvy storage displays and wooden furnishings to achieve an uncluttered yet casual beach house aesthetic.


Escape everyday life with soft, pastel tones, like Haymes Precipitous. Create a comfortable cocoon, with this beach house colour scheme, transforming your room into a place of serenity and calm — the perfect place to wind down and relax.

Add warm, beige tones in the form of rugs and throws, enhancing the feeling of comfort and well-being.

Beach House Colour Minimalist

Beach House Colour Oak Buff

Minimalist 1

Embrace natural light with crisp, all-white tones and bring a fresh, bright and restful aesthetic into your home.

Create this look with Haymes Minimalist 2 for the walls and a lighter shade of Minimalist 1 for the ceiling and trims, highlighting clean lines where form and shadow take focus.

Oak Buff

The perfect chameleon, Haymes Oak Buff will blend into its surroundings, creating an unassuming space.

Pair with dark furnishings to break up the look or go all-white by painting the floorboards in a solid white or white wash with glimpses of timber tones, giving the illusion of space. Add candles or fresh blooms for a touch of opulence and luxury.

Beach House Colour Just Blue

Beach House Colour Warm Touch

Just Blue

Nothing says soothing like Haymes Just Blue. Simple yet sophisticated, this soft, pastel tone adds character and originality, as well as encouraging harmony within the home.

For an added seaside vibe, pair with natural objects and worn, vintage accessories.

Warm Touch

Create a French provincial style beach abode with Haymes Warm Touch. When used in a bright area, this creamy colour will feel tranquil and inviting, rather than stark.

Use it as a subtle background colour and allow other pieces, like furnishings and artwork, to stand out.

Talk to a Colour Stylist

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