If your bathroom is looking a bit tired and dated and an entire bathroom renovation isn’t possible, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. The bathroom paint ideas you use will depend on the size of your bathroom and the feel you’d like your bathroom to have.

Haymes Paint has been helping people with bathroom paint ideas for over 80 years. Colourful paints can be overwhelming in a large bathroom while crisp white paints can make a smaller bathroom feel larger. Breaking the colour rules can pay off though. Powder room or small bathroom paint ideas that are popular include painting the walls a bold colour.

Bathroom Paint Ideas - Bold Feature Wall in Bathroom

Quick, Easy, Personalised Advice

Booking a Colour Consultation with our team of experts is a simple way to get professional advice about bathroom paint ideas. Available online or at your home, our colour consultation includes:

  • A colour schedule of the colour palettes chosen for your bathroom
  • What type of paint for your bathroom
  • A5 brush outs of your selected colours & the latest Haymes colour cards, as example paint finishes
  • A 10% off discount voucher for Haymes paint
  • A sample pot voucher

How to Paint a Bathroom?

Ultra Premium Expressions Interior Paint

To ensure your bathroom painting project looks professional, it’s important to set aside time to prepare the surfaces. General tips include:

  • Walls, ceiling and trims to be thoroughly washed
  • These surfaces should be sanded & cleaned, so no residual gloss remains
  • An undercoat should be applied, prior to two topcoats.

When you’re wondering what paint to use in the bathroom, it’s important you choose a paint specifically formulated for wet areas. Haymes Ultra-Premium Expressions Interior Paint is a waterproof paint for bathrooms that comes with a 7-year mould and mildew protection guarantee. This low-odour, highly durable interior paint is environmentally-responsible paint. With superior coverage, this bathroom paint is easy to wipe clean without leaving marks. Watch our tips on how to prepare interior painting projects.

Find Your Local Store

For guidance and advice about what type of paint is best for a bathroom, visit your local Haymes store. The experienced team can help you with bathroom paint ideas as well as answering questions like:

  • What type of paint to use in the bathroom?
  • What kind of paint to use in the bathroom?
  • What kind of paint for a bathroom?

They can also help you with tips including good painting techniques and the best way to prepare the surface of your bathroom walls, windows and doors.