Bathroom ceiling paint is most susceptible to the growth of black mould and other bacteria, due to the nature of the room. Although it’s important to allow proper ventilation throughout the room and prevent it from affecting the paint; the type of paint used to coat walls and ceilings play a major role.

The best paint for bathroom ceiling or walls would be anything with an acrylic base. Haymes Ultra Premium Expressions range are 100% acrylic paints that perform the function of paint and primer simultaneously and have a stain-proof barrier. thompson bathroom edited

Protect Your Bathroom Ceilings

Haymes offer three different types of paints, specifically formulated to coat the ceilings in your home.

  • Ultra Premium Expressions Ceiling White – ultra flat, smooth surface that provides coverage and excellent hiding power; minimises light reflection to hide surface imperfections.
  • Elite Ceiling – high opacity water based ceiling coat. Tintable and offers superior coverage with minimal roller splatter.
  • Newlife Ceiling – water based acrylic paint, suitable for interior plasterboard and fibrous/set plaster. Superior coverage with ultra flat finish.

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To find out more about our acrylic paints or enamels that are suitable for bathroom interiors, visit your local Haymes stockist today.

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