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If you’re searching for some new colour trends for your home, the Haymes 2015 Colour Forecast is the perfect source of inspiration. Our 2015 colour trends see a shift in colour direction, as we move towards softer palettes. This is demonstrated in the two themes Raw and New Skin where you will see a palette of solid and dependable colours.

The exploration of natural tones leads to the development of lush greens and dusty pinks, which is illustrated in the themes Rhythmic Palms and Exotic Botanic, both echoing the diversity of nature. In stark contrast, Relaxed Replay brings together feel good brights that take us back to the retro era.

Exotic Botanic   Relaxed Replay

Exotic Botanic

Exotic Botanic takes us back to our roots, provoking a reawakening of the senses, returning to nature and exploring the vibrant beauty it has to offer. In the hustle and bustle of the world today, it’s important to take a moment to reconnect.

The hypnotic colour palette of this theme creates depth and opulence, revitalising even the simplest of spaces.


Relaxed Replay

Relaxed Replay takes on a nostalgic feel, stepping back in time with a vibrant, bold and effervescent palette. Influenced by Miami Beach and psychedelic patterning, this retro revival theme looks at finding joy in the simple things in life. Exploring spontaneity, this theme celebrates the brighter side of life.

New Skin   Raw 3

New Skin

New Skin travels from mineral pastels through to deep blues and greys, illustrating the natural erosion that comes with overuse  ̶  just like a pair of jeans. This relaxed, cool theme explores denim textures and colours, as they translate through to the home. The palette provides an easy living, understated style providing a sense of relaxation and tranquillity within a space.



Raw explores the notion of detoxification – cutting out the clutter – and redefining what is important through a process of natural selection. The palette is made up of neutral, soft tones creating a calming environment. Providing a subdued and ethereal aesthetic, warm browns and creams form the perfect base for any interior styling.

Rhythmic Palms3

Rhythmic Palms

This theme presents a fresh and crisp take on the ambiguity of what lies beneath the treetops. Rhythmic Palms captures and exaggerates the scale of the environment to make a real statement in the home. Playing on jungle-like motifs, oversized patterns and saturated colours this theme encapsulates an instinctive and primitive aesthetic.

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