Heritage Authentic Colours

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Heritage places are important for enriching our lives and our communities. Buildings, areas, landscapes and other places of heritage value provide a window to the past and to the very origins of our communities. Heritage places also add character, appeal and interest to our cities, towns and countryside. They are irreplaceable and precious.

Places of heritage significance are often protected by a Heritage Overlay, this includes residential buildings. To protect the heritage of a municipality local council planning schemes contain Heritage Overlays.

Under the Heritage Overlay a planning permit is required from the council to:
•    Subdivide or consolidate land;
•    Demolish or remove a building (including part of a building);
•    Construct a building (including part of a building, or a fence);
•    Externally alter a building;
•    Construct or carry out works;
•    Construct or display a sign;
•    Externally paint an unpainted surface; and
•    Externally paint a building if the painting constitutes an advertisement.

If you are seeking to paint the exterior of your home and are not sure if it has a Heritage Overlay we strongly recommended you contact your local council prior to confirm if a Heritage Overlays exists.

In addition to being able to clarify any planning permit requirements, your local council may be able to provide other information or assistance. Council processes and permit requirements may vary between municipalities and states.