Colour Consultation

Get Colour Confidence for just $49

Why a colour consultant?

Colour choice is individual and dependent on many factors. When thinking about colour for your home, you need to think about personality, functional needs and the overall aesthetics and vibe of your home.

A Haymes Colour Consultant will provide you with professional advice and guidance, to help you make the right decisions for your home. They assist in understanding colour palettes, colours in different spaces, and finding the right style to suit your home and personality.

Our Colour Consult Service has changed

Due to the unprecedented times that we all find ourselves in with the COVID-19 Haymes has issued us with new working regulations, and at this time we are unable to provide IN HOME colour consultations. Our priorities are to ensure the individual and collective wellbeing of our team, families and customers is kept in high regard and it is due to this that we are unable to provide in home or on-site consultations until further notice.

Instead of our consultants coming to your home – we can offer an alternative with our special priced $49 Online Colour Consultation Service that has the option for Phone call or Video Colour Consultation appointment, where you can guide your Haymes Colour Consultant on a virtual tour of your home to enhance your online experience.  You will still be a part of the professional and creative journey of picking the perfect colours for your home. Our team will listen and learn from you, then deliver to you a package that includes your everyday living needs with beautiful colours and ideas to transform your home.

During this unsettling time, we offer our inspiration and advice at the exceptional value of $49 so you can feel empowered to move forward with your vision. Whether interior or exterior, Haymes Colour Consultants are fully qualified Interior Designers with years of experience selecting the right colours for each individuals project.


What you will get with your consult

  • A Phone call or Video Colour Consultation appointment with a Haymes Colour Consultant
  • A digital documented Colour schedule with suggested colour palettes  
  • Specialised product selection, specific to your home
  • FOUR free sample pots
  • A lifetime 10% off paint discount card*

Visualise Your Colour

Being able to visualise a chosen colour palette on your own home can be difficult, especially when it comes to exterior colour. To help in deciding the best colour for your home, we can apply the colour to an original photo of your home.

This service is an additional cost to the consultation service. 

Price - $120 per image

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Enquire about a consult

Please complete the form below and a member of the Haymes Colour Team will contact you shortly.

Please note you will not be required to process payment when submitting the below form.

Haymes Home Consultations are only available to customers within Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. 

$50 discount offer is available for any consultation enquiry received from Febraury 3rd to 28th, 2020. The consultation must be held prior to December 31, 2020. 

All states will be serviced via the online/phone consultation.

Extra charges will apply for travel over 30km from Melbourne CBD, Geelong CBD & Ballarat CBD at 75c per km.

An additional charge of $80 inc GST for each hour over 1.5 hours at site will apply. A minimum call out fee of $80 inc GST will be charged for additional consultations at the same address.

The Haymes home Colour Consultation service is $160 for VIC, SA and QLD, and $195 in NSW and runs for 1.5 hours.

The Haymes online/phone Colour Consultation Service is $160 and runs for 1.5 hours.

Customers will received in their Colour Consultation pack the following items:

An in-home or online consultation with one of our qualified Colour Consultants

  • Your personalised colour selections and Haymes product specification schedule
  • A5 sized colour samples of your selected colour pallette
  • A voucher for four free sample pots
  • A lifetime 10% off paint discount card*

If you wish to have your original house images edited with your chosen colour palette, please make sure the images are of a good quality. The cost is $120 per image.

Meet our colour consultants

Wendy Rennie Colour And Concept Manager

As an experienced colour stylist with a background in Fine Arts, Wendy has a love for colour, painting and creativity. Wendy listens to each client and establishes what they want to achieve ‒ whether that’s a particular lifestyle, look or feel ‒ and works with them to provide a unique solution for their home.

Sue McDonald Colour And Coatings Stylist

Sue McDonald is a Haymes Stylist who specialises in colour and woodcare. Sue has vast product knowledge and experience to bring to every project, and loves to help customers achieve a perfect finish and colour palette.

Erin Hearns 10
Erin Hearns Interior Designer And Colour Stylist

Erin has a fine eye for colour and detail and loves to create custom, elegant and stylish spaces. With extensive knowledge and experience with Haymes, Erin helps to simplify what can seem an overwhelming decision choosing colours for clients homes. Erin is a qualified Interior designer and colour stylist

Belinda Goodall Interior Designer and Colour Stylist

Belinda is aInterior Design and Colour Stylist for Ballarat and regional Victoria and is certified in Interior Design. Belinda has experience in commercial, large project & architectural buildings. She also works with heritage restoration and renovation. Belinda has worked in the paint and furnishing industry for over 16 years.

Jo Kline Interior Designer And Colour Stylist

Jo Kline is a qualified interior designer who works with a range of clients from architects and builders to homeowners wanting to transform their home. Jo is passionate about the use of colour, texture and natural materials, and assisting people to create a space that reflects their style and personality.

Our projects

Albion St Haymes Carrodus

Contemporary take on an art deco classic

"Choosing colour can be really difficult. Different lights change the colour and can change the mood of a space very quickly. It was important to me not to follow short-lived trends of what is currently in fashion and instead, my priority was to make sure the colours and style sat harmoniously together. I was also really careful to keep the heritage of the house in mind when making my colour decisions."

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Mid Century home in Beaumaris

"Colour is the easiest way to change up a space, sometimes I might decide it needs a new feel when the next season sets in, or I’ll walk into a room one day and just pull everything out and start again. It could just be a few cushions or throw rug, but it's enough to make an impact."

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Haymes Asling St2

Federation home in Brighton

I wanted the rooms to feel calm, elegant and inviting and work better with the light that entered the rooms. I also wanted to introduce a base palette, and provide some contrast against a few pieces of art and accessories to compliment my new colour scheme.

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