Vol 10

The Colour Forecast



An organic rich collection capturing the essence of Australia’s diverse rural landscapes. This soulful palette comes to life with these tactile, earthy and naturally deeper colour tones. Crafted to mimic the beauty of our wider environments, the palette also draws inspiration from the earth intertwining elements of mud, soil and bark into the range of colour. The palette engages a sense of hand crafted dependability with the bespoke offering of a tactile Artisan aesthetic.



On the edge of midnight this colour story creates mystery and curiosity, with sultry tones and matt finishes that are low in contrast yet highlighted with Berry, Plum and Teal to add a sense of luxe and deep colour to any space. This dark palette is the new way for colour to be used in interiors with the mindset of creating spaces that offer peaceful energy, generating a sense of calm, a space you can withdraw to from the ever increasingly “switched on” world we’re accustomed to.



Is a quintessential urban colour range, referencing the streets and laneways on a local and international level. Showcasing our diversity of culture, old and new, where urban landscapes and everyday theatre become a colour story in their own right. The colour, vibrancy and energy of city life is captured against the grey of our urban infrastructure. The palette offers contrasting colours highlighting diversity found in everyday living.

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