Volume 17

Haymes Paint Colour Library Origins Volume 17 is an ode to the familiar, while still nurturing a sense of exploration, curiosity and new interpretations. Each palette centres on a historical style where comfortability and nostalgia intersect as we engage with spaces that support us in today’s often uncertain times. Origins Volume 17 invites you to create environments that provide emotional and physical security. Think of each palette’s theme as a familiar starting point; a canvas to explore, build upon and interpret in a way that fills you with confidence and your chosen space with colours that enlighten and inspire.

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Retro Mash Up

What’s old is new again with Retro Mash Up and we love to see it. A look back at the origins of design eras through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s opens up new ways of re-inventing and re-imagining in the present day. Think a graphic mix of bright hues and in terms of colour, anything goes – don’t be afraid to break some rules and go boldly. Our number one styling tip is to choose a colour you love and build on it from there – adding white into the mix makes this palette truly versatile and helps those bright colours pop.

Retro Mash Up 5

Blog: An eclectic aesthetic with Retro Mash Up

Take a deep dive into dopamine decor with Retro Mash Up. What’s that? The concept of filling your home with colours that make you feel happy and express your personality. Read More →

New Narratives

Optimism is at the heart of New Narratives, there’s also a sense of nostalgia; it invites a familiar sense of calm with pops of bright pastels and bolder tones that work seamlessly. From the pale blue of your childhood bedroom to the cotton candy-coloured tiles in your grandparents’ 1960s bathroom, these hues will take you back to simpler times and allow you to reinterpret them in the present. The colours work cohesively and offer a contemporary lens with just the right balance of light and shade, building unexpected elements that help create a vibrant and welcoming space.

New Narratives

Blog: Reimagine the past in the present with New Narratives

Explore your nostalgia with two bedroom scenes and a cosy lounge designed with partners Adairs. Read More →

Solid Ground

There’s a sense of grounding and deep connection to the environment with this palette. It conjures feelings of wanderlust and reminds us of adventures to far-flung places. Inspired by lush rainforests or exotic places like the Amazon, Solid Ground exudes natural habitats and calm, vast spaces which preserve and protect. Think of colours that are earthy, rich and robust with depth and intensity. If feelings of seclusion or wanting to reconnect with nature and its calming effect are what you desire in your space, then this is the palette for you.

Solid Ground

Blog: A connection to the environment with Solid Ground

Solid Ground palette celebrates the natural essences of the worldly traveler. Drawing inspiration from earthy tones and natural materials like terracotta and stone, this palette oozes sophistication. Read More →

New Terrain

New Terrain creates an escapism ideology, inviting you to shut off, tune out and slow right down. A palette that will breathe life into your space in a peaceful way, it features comforting neutrals, sun-drenched whites and earthy terracotta hues to help showcase shifting shades and small nuances that happen in the changing light of the day. New Terrain provides a holiday-inspired ambience and harnesses earthy and organic textures married with finishes that feel fluid like natural facets of a landscape. With it comes a feeling of wellbeing and connection to a place of rest and relaxation.

Solid Ground 1

Blog: No need to pack your bags, get that holiday feeling at home with New Terrain!

If you could create that quintessential holiday feeling in a room, New Terrain would be the palette to achieve it. This theme centres around escapism – inviting you to tune out and slow right down. Read More →

Strong Haven

Strong Haven is a strong and confident colour palette that fuses unfinished surfaces, unusual shapes and heavy-looking materials of Brutalist architecture with the organic serenity of nature's palette. Each colour offers stability and strength, providing a comforting sanctuary amidst ever-changing times. Soft, warm hues and mid tones characterized by rich ochre undertones intersect with rigid lines, establishing a grounded yet minimalistic atmosphere. Now more than ever people are seeking feelings of support, and the strength and durability of the forms and materials in Strong Haven offers this.

Solid Ground 2

Blog: Try statement-making Strong Haven

This colour palette allowed Nexus Designs to explore architectural and interior design they felt connected to. The result? A powerful and confident colour palette that helps to ground and lighten the energy of the space – perfect for a room you wish to make a statement. Read More →

Heritage Hues

Sophistication, stability and a sense of belonging sum up Heritage Hues nicely. The past and present join together seamlessly while the materials are pared back and refined. A palette brimming with rich colours offering both depth and stillness, Heritage Hues creates a strong environment that exudes confidence but not without a sense of peace and serenity. The beauty of Heritage Hues is its versatile colourway that offers an embracing quality – striking the perfect balance between just enough colour and neutrality to also be the perfect backdrop.

heritage hues

Blog: Connecting the past and the present with Heritage Hues

The main aim of Heritage Hues is to give a traditional space a rich wash of colour while feeling evocative and expressive. It begins with the context of the space – in this case, it’s a cosy room in a Victorian home in Melbourne. Read More →

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