Volume 14

As the world changes, so do the colours that shape it.

Haymes Colour Library Volume 14 Embrace is inspired by the concept of embracing the unexpected challenges of the current world to find solace within the home space through colour. The movement is characterised by tones that elicit comfort and reassurance, allowing us to curate nurturing environments that shield us from the world around us.

A set of three unique colour palettes: Grounded, Calm Mind and Happy Home, the range features hues that combine the concepts of joy and youthfulness with notions of “groundedness“ and peace. Working in harmony to embody themes more relevant to the world than ever before.


The Grounded palette draws inspiration from the earthy tones of the natural world, offering an escape from the artificial light of our screens and devices to bring us back to the present. Its rich colours range from deep tones of ink blue to warm sandy neutrals and olive greens, emulating the calming force of the ocean, the earth and forest. These colours remind us that we can create spaces within our home that reinforce our connection to the land and provide a sense of “groundedness,” neutralising the chaos of the outside world and enveloping us in a sense of serenity.

Grounded Moment 320 x 215

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Our new normal is to find ways to relieve stress within the environments we can control and have access to.

Calm Mind

Despite what is going on in the world around us, by looking inwards we can find an innate sense of calm and peace. Calm Mind restores balance and inspires harmony, through emulating a ‘spa retreat’ feel within the home. Soothing tones of creamy green and blue blend with muddied peach, pink and rusts to create a tranquil fusion of colour that nurtures the mind and soul. The new normal is to look for ways to promote self-care and relieve stress within environments you can control, and the Calm Mind palette does just this by inspiring mental wellbeing through colour.

Caml Mind Remote 320 x 215

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Happy Home

Happy Home encapsulates a relaxed approach to interiors by introducing an uplifting array of tones and hues that work to promote joy. Bold blues, rusty reds and pops of bright yellow bring a sense of fun and hope back into our homes. The palette inspires interiors that are characterised by quirky styling, bold colour blocking and smack of zesty exuberance. This theme is all about youthful design elements and injecting energy into spaces to reinvigorate the senses.

Happy Home 1 320 x 215

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