Colour Conscience Re-Edit

Volume 11 Re-Edit


The ultimate palette for creating an easy breezy space, where people can come together, communicate and spend time free from technology and the chaos of everyday living. The colours are light, airy and breezy in peach and pink skin tones, with a real focus on pastels being a starting point for introducing more colour into the home using minty greens, fresh lemon and duck egg blue.

Ultimate Seamless Flooring in Storm
Simply Woodcare Aqualac Satin
Landscape 5


Of the three palettes in the collection, the ‘Cohabitate’ palette is the one that really screams summer. Light, fresh and full of dreamy pastels, these airy tones are perfect for creating casual spaces where family and friends can come together, especially over the holiday season.


This palette offers creative ideas around using colour, texture and mixed materials in a way that not only looks great but also showcases how beautiful, smart design can incorporate a more sustainable and responsible contribution to the environment around us. The colours are monochromatic: the introduction of wood tones and dark greys, deep browns and mid-tone neutrals build the perfect backdrop for a new and inspired kitchen space.

Simply Woodcare Wood Stain in Teak
Simply Woodcare Easy Floor Satin
Haymes Summer1834197 Gemmola LR3


The original edit of the Contribute palette created the ultimate kitchen space, showing how beautiful design and environmentally conscious choices can easily co-exist. This edit shows how this same adaptable palette can be used to create the ultimate energy saving, low tech zone that makes for a quiet and restful bedroom.


Encouraging calm and a slowing of the senses, these darker, intense tones and complex colour combinations absorb the light for a quieter feel, while injecting warmth and softness into interior spaces. Deep teal greens and lighter powdered greens mixed with nude tones and deeper reds give the sense of night-time mystery, as well as adding the perfect introduction of romance and luxe.

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