Volume 15

It has awakened the idealism to live in a way that is reflective of our inner desires.


Haymes Colour Library Vol. 15 Awakening is inspired by adjusting to the new normal and finding our way in a different world. This year will see us awaken, finding the strength to follow our dreams and embrace powerful change. New opportunities become exciting as we awaken underlying drive and passion, re-emerging and slowly rekindling.


Game Changer, In the Moment and Clear View are our latest colour stories. The themes feature hues which represent protective layers slowly being peeled away and emerging to new things, following the true essence of what it means to be alive.

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Game Changer

After a conservative and uncertain time we find the strength to awaken the innate power within. The Game Changer Palette challenges the status quo, and breaks free from the limitations that have recently constricted our creativity. Our inner voice and newly appreciated freedom have awakened the strength and drive to truly be ourselves, free and original. Challenging everything with a playful vibrancy, reestablished exuberance and fresh optimism.

Haymes Vol150705 Gemmola LR

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Our newest Colour Library Vol. 15: Awakening is about focusing on the individual, your own environment and feeling good about yourself in these recent times.

In the Moment

Our surroundings are truly linked to our wellbeing, our In the Moment palette provides the essence of being in the here and now and finding value in what we have. It’s the details of what we love that provide us with security and strength to face the new normal. Tactile, tangible items have a real importance in providing a new found security, and as we awaken a new found security, we find value in the present.

In the moment 2 675 x 2

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Clear View

Clear View represents the impact that the last year has seen and the strong desire to realign how and where we live with a strong shift in lifestyles being altered to reflect the sea change or the tree change ideal. Whether its an aesthetic, a vibe, or a physical location change Clear View brings these ideals to life, aligning with our desire for a life that truly embraces our individual sense of happiness.

Clear View 6 675 x 2

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