1944, Navy Chair by Emeco

The Navy chair (also known as the 1006 chair- pronounced “Ten-oh-six”) was designed in 1944 for the US Navy who needed a chair for their battleships and submarines that could survive sea air and torpedo blasts. Weighing just over 3kg each, the lightweight aluminum chair is handmade in Pennsylvania over two weeks and goes through a 77-step process. With its industrial yet contemporary aesthetic the Navy chair is often spotted in kitchen and dining areas where their sturdiness and ease of maintenance makes them the ideal choice for busy households. There are plenty of replicas in the market place, to spot a true Emeco Navy Chair it must have:

  • Smooth bends where the soft aluminum is curved
  • Consistent brush pattern (which is always applied the same way),
  • Perfectly tapered front legs,
  • Even spread of the three vertical bars for the seat back,
  • The Emeco name on the back of the seat bottom and finally,
  • Three small welds left by the craftsmen as their signature.

“No one else makes chairs this way. No one can. It takes a human eye to know when the process is done right, and it takes human hands to get it that way. Our goal. Make recycling obsolete and keep making things that last.” – Emeco.

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