Phillip Withers - Transforming your outdoor space is easy

What happens when you pair a daydreamer artist with a daring landscape designer? Magic! Haymes recently collaborated with Madeleine Stamer and Phillip Withers to transform a deck into an eclectic outdoor space. The clashing assortment of baskets and Phillip’s pots, sit joyfully alongside Madeleine’s cocky print cushion, a bespoke ceramic flower and her whimsical wall hanging. This inspired design takes the outdoor area from the everyday to holiday – fun and alive. As a part of our Room Reveal, we spoke with Phillip Withers to learn how you can pair plants and colours to create your own unique space. He’s never been scared to break contemporary design rules and neither should you.

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Haymes: What inspired you to choose the landscape design for this vignette?

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Phillip Withers: It was simply looking to the places we loved. Both Madeleine and I love eccentric shapes and colours. Pairing cactuses and succulents with these wonderful elements allowed us to enhance the moody colour of the decking.

H: What advice would you offer to people who would like to transform their outdoor space(s) but don’t know where to start?

P: I always tell people to work out what they want in their life; whether it be entertaining, cooking or even relaxing. Make a list. Then use this list to start pulling the design together. A design should be an extension of the lifestyle you wish to have.

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H: Phillip, you are known as a new breed of garden designer with an edgy design sense. What advice can you offer to those who are struggling to find their garden design style?

P: The biggest thing is not to be scared. One thing that helps us design the gardens we do, is we aren’t afraid of taking risks. You will find a stack of garden designers doing formal gardens and another stack doing contemporary. Being able to respond to a brief and not be afraid of mixing a cactus with a herb or a conifer with a native, for me, is where it starts to get interesting.

H: 2016 is fast approaching! What are you looking forward to? What major goals are you working towards?

P: We have ideas regarding a few planned shows in 2016. But these haven’t been confirmed just yet. Stay tuned! We also have a garden opening in Melbourne, which shouldn’t be missed.

Personally, I will be looking to put the final touches on my own jungle garden and studio in Richmond in preparation to open to the public. It looks like 2016 will be a big year for us. I can’t wait!

H: What is your favourite quote?

P: If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting your time.

H: What's the best way people can follow your work?

P: If you’d like to receive updates from us, get weekly landscape design tips, or just say Hi!, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram

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