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  • Haymes Interior Expressions FINAL

    Expressions Interior

    Delivering exceptional coverage and superior washability. With a low odour and stain-resistant formulation, it is complemented with a 7-year mould and mildew protection guarantee.

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  • UP Interior Ceiling

    Interior Expressions Ceiling White

    Offering superior coverage and a super flat finish this 99% VOC free ceiling finish provides minimal light reflection, assisting in the hiding of surface imperfections.

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  • UP Ultratrim Acrylic Semi Gloss5

    Ultratrim Acrylic Enamel

    With all the benefits of an enamel paint (excellent durability, non-chipping and non-yellowing) and a water-based acrylic (easy application, fast drying and effortless wash up). Ultratrim Acrylic Enamel brings you the best of both worlds.

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  • UP Ultratrim Enamel High Gloss enlarged3

    Ultratrim Enamel

    If you're a stickler for perfection, this is the trim product for you. Its self-levelling formula produces the smoothest results that are durable in the extreme. Available in a High Gloss for mirror-finish, Semi Gloss and Low Sheen, Ultratrim Enamel is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.

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  • UP Prepcoat Cover

    Haymes Ultra Premium Prepcoat Ultracover

    An interior/exterior multi-use primer, sealer and undercoat, Haymes Ultracover offers superb coverage, excellent gloss holdout and superior adhesion.

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  • UP Prepcoat Lock 315x315

    Haymes Ultra Premium Prepcoat Ultralock

    Haymes Ultralock is a unique rapid drying interior/exterior, turps-based primer, sealer all in one. It is easy to apply, has superb adhesion and stain sealing properties, including fantastic tannin blocking resistance and permanent sealing of nicotine and water stains.

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  • UP Prepcoat Seal 315x315

    Haymes Ultra Premium Prepcoat Ultraseal

    Haymes Ultraseal is an Ultra-Premium quality water based Acrylic Sealer Undercoat suitable for interior and exterior applications.

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  • UP Prepcoat Hold 315x315

    Haymes Ultra Premium Prepcoat Ultrahold

    Haymes Ultrahold is a methylated spirit based stain blocker especially formulated to provide a very fast drying barrier coating to prevent the penetration of bleeding stains and odours through subsequent coatings.

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  • UP Prepcoat Prime 315x315

    Haymes Ultra Premium Prepcoat Ultraprime

    Haymes Ultraprime is an anti-corrosive metal primer that is suitable for interior and exterior use.

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  • Paint Can 4litre EliteInterior 315x315

    Elite Interior

    A premium quality, low odour, water-based 100% acrylic paint that’s 99% VOC free. It’s easy to apply, washable and ideal for interior walls and exterior sheltered surfaces.

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  • Paint Can 4litre EliteCeiling 315x315

    Elite Ceiling

    A super flat high opacity water based ceiling coating that minimises the reflection of light from surface imperfections. It is tintable and has minimal roller splatter.

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  • Paint Can 4litre EliteTrim 315x2

    Elite Trim Enamel

    A high quality, oil-based enamel that produces an extremely tough, hard wearing, mark resistant coating. Providing excellent coverage the Elite Enamel has excellent flow and levelling.

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  • Paint Can 4litre ElitePrepcoat2 315x315

    Elite Acrylic Sealer Undercoat

    Providing superior coverage and adhesion, this low odour Acrylic Sealer Undercoat is over 99% VOC free. It is easy to sand, is quick drying and has superb filling properties.

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  • Paint Can 4litre ElitePrepcoat 315x2

    Elite Tricoat Primer Sealer Undercoat

    A multi-purpose interior/exterior 3-in-1 primer, sealer and undercoat. The low odour formulation offers superb coverage, excellent gloss holdout and brilliant adhesion to surfaces.

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  • Paint Can 4litre ElitePrepcoat6

    Elite Quick Dry Primer Undercoat

    An interior/exterior, turps-based primer, sealer and undercoat in one. It’s fast drying, has superb filling and sanding properties along with fantastic tannin blocking resistance.

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  • Paint Can 4litre ElitePrepcoatGeneralPupose 315x2

    Elite General Purpose Undercoat

    An interior turps-based, self-levelling, high opacity undercoat with superior coverage, suitable to be applied to all pre-painted surfaces.

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  • Washable LS Newlife 315 315px

    NewLife Washable Acrylic

    NewLife Acrylic offeres great value with all the performance qualities you expect from a Haymes product. NewLife is used and recommended by the professional painters and renovators.

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  • Ceiling White Newlife 315 315px

    NewLife Ceiling

    NewLife Ceiling is premium quality acrylic coating specially formulated for ceilings that will provide a beautiful, uniform flat finish.

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  • Prep SU Newlife 315 315px

    NewLife Sealer Undercoat

    Haymes NewLife Sealer Undercoat is a premium quality water based interior sealer undercoat that is designed to prepare surfaces for finishing topcoats.

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  • Enamel Flat Newlife 315 315px

    NewLife Enamel

    Haymes NewLife Enamel is a premium quality paint that provides a tough, hardwearing finish for Trims including, doors, windows, architraves and contact areas.

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