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Haymes & Sage and Clare

Recently, Haymes collaborated with homewares brand Sage and Clare, as Haymes Enigma and Sachet featured in the backdrops of the brand's new collection, Caravan. Designed by founder Phoebe Bell and styled by Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors, we caught up with the talented duo to chat colour considerations, mood and inspiration.

 SageandClare 08 HaymesSachet low res

Stylist, Julia Green.

Haymes: What was the inspiration behind this photoshoot?

Julia Green: ​To showcase the versatility of the Sage and Clare range and show how every single combination works, colour wise.  You cannot put a foot wrong with all the permutations of this range, the palette is amazing. ​

H: How do you know when you’ve used just the right amount of colour, or too much within a space?

JG: It’s instinctive and initiative and depends entirely on the brief. In this instance, we wanted backdrops that would make the range’s colour combinations ‘pop’, so concrete, dark walls and wood were the perfect canvas to showcase the range.

H: Where would you recommend a good starting point is, for others who would like to re-style a room/space?

JG: Dark walls are super effective and always make the objects around them pop. I think a dark wall is as effective (and neutral) as a white wall but has a great sense of warmth to it.  Start with a panel of wall and paint it. Then sit with it for a while before you decide if you want to go the full hog, and paint it all. Colour is very emotive and so you may need to ‘feel’ it for a bit. But paint will transform a space in a nano second, each and every time. So start there

SageandClare 04 Vertical low res

Sage and Clare Founder, Phoebe Bell.

Haymes: How important is colour to you and why?

Phoebe Bell: Colour is literally everything to me and it keeps me inspired each and every day. Sage and Clare, ever since we began, has had a strong focus on colour as we love a bohemian interior defined by captivating colours. Each season we evolve with colour, drawing inspiration from the places we’ve been and tuning into what shades instinctively feel right for the season.

H: What was the inspiration behind the Haymes colours chosen for this photoshoot?

PB: The Haymes colours used in the photoshoot were inspired by our new season range, The Caravan Collection. This layered collection draws on cultures and artisanal techniques of the world, bringing a handmade and patterned look to our pieces, while also keeping our laid-back Australian summer lifestyle in mind. This meant using soft nudes and blushes against jewel tones of emerald and dark blue with hints of vibrant pink and chartreuse. The Haymes colours chosen brought the entire collection together by referencing our key seasonal shades throughout the photoshoot. 

H: How has colour helped to enhance or evoke the mood of this photoshoot?

PB: Our photoshoot took place in a quintessential Australian home, where it feels like summer all year round. Open spaces, casual living and natural materials provided the perfect background to shoot our range. By using Haymes colours we were able to create different moods in the shoot. For instance the Haymes Enigma wall allowed for our seasonal prints and shades to pop, with a custom painted Twiggargerie sculpture referencing the soft layers and cushions in the shot. In another look, we captured that irreverent, playful vibe of the Caravan Collection by incorporating colour into a matching bench seat that referenced each and every shade in the range. The beauty of colour in the shoot was its ability to define the looks but also weave a common tonal thread to present an effortless, modern bohemian look.

SageandClare 01Vertical low res

SageandClare 11 HaymesSachet low res

SageandClare HaymesSachet low res



Image Credits:
Styled by Julia Green – Greenhouse Interiors
Photographed by Annette O’Brien
Styling Assistant – Noel Coughlan
Photography Assist – Sorell Wilson
Sage & Clare would like to thank the following brands who generously loaned their products for the shoot – Haymes Paint, Pippi’s Plants, Huset, Twiggargerie, Surrounding Australia, The Artwork Stylist, The Woodsfolk and Clickon Furniture.