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18th May 2017

A new take on an old classic

Neutrals- they’re the backbone of any colour scheme, but after a recent inspo trip to Milan for the Interiors, Design and Furniture expos, our Colour and Concept Manager Wendy Rennie has created a neutral’s palette like no other. Welcome to Blended Neutrals.


Shell Pink2Siesta2

We’ve had so much fun with this new palette here at Haymes Paint. A new approach to traditional palettes is always refreshing, and this one offers such a playful and relaxed approach to designing an interior space.

Forget what your preconceived ideas about neutral palettes are, our new range Blended Neutrals softens the greys and adds a divine warmth, injecting life and soul into any space. 


Evocative names like Rose Morn, Toadstool, Sun Dew and Siesta are a few of our favourites. These colours will inspire you to explore neutrals in your home in a way that is gentle and encouraging.

Rose Morn2Sun Dew2Toadstool2

We know that in the past few years especially, neutrals have been quite colourless. Blended Neutrals is a way forward that is much more in sync with the calm and relaxed spaces that we want for our homes. This palette of blended neutrals, with nuances of colours bring together nude tones, hints of pink and blue, to add a more grounded, softer and calming feel to a room.


Feather GreyGem2

Pastels and neutrals blend, together as one, and the blues offer balance that is calming and gentle. The pinks have an almost palpable delicacy, and the peach offers a new skin tone.


What we especially love about this palette is its ease of use- they give almost a genderless look to a traditionally feminine palette. When paired with timber, stone and other materials, Blended Neutrals create warm, grounded interiors to live in. They’re fabulous in an open plan area, making it an uplifting, light and relaxing space to be in.


OvercastGrey Shadow

This Blended Neutrals palette is not specifically about creating a blue, pink or peach toned room, but one which has the warmth and characteristics of these colours. It’s important to give some consideration to get the balance right in terms of blending the palette into the space to make it still feel neutral.

Haymes Colour Stylist Wendy Rennie said that when using a neutral palette you can introduce colour into a space through a number of different ways.

“This palette works incredibly well together, as well as with other natural materials. By adding a mixture of both the colours from the palette and natural materials like wood, stone and ceramics you can add your own style to your spaces. These colours have been put together as a base palette to build from, allowing for different reference of your personal style”


You don't have to go it alone though- our Colour Stylists are here to help. They provide expert advice, peace of mind and confidence in selecting your colours for your home. Find out more about our Colour Stylist Service and happy blending!

Styling by Ruth Welsby

Photography by Martina Gemmola

Thanks to our suppliers, Norsu, House of Orange, Hunting for George, Kate & Kate, CULT, Clickon Furntiure & Kip & Co.